Break down silos and spreadsheets, building agile, integrated IT systems 30x faster.

Why? Because your Silos and Spreadsheets are:

  • Blocking agility, costing time and money.
  • Fragmenting collaboration, increasing wastage.
  • Impeding decisions and repressing knowledge, increasing risk.
  • Hampering information management, increasing costs.
  • Disrupting processes and tasks, increasing effort.
  • Restricting development and deployment, increasing delivering time and costs.
  • Replicating information and governance, risking security and compliance.

Silos, Spreadsheets and Master Data Management (MDM) are static and replicative, their rigid nature isn't maximising the value of Digital or the flexibility and governance it provides.

An innovative product providing a viable alternative.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) is a simple software framework that empowers Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to build personalised, collaborative, governed web services, breaking the shackles of silos, spreadsheets and replication. It focuses on facilitating collaboration, governance, automation and real-time visualisation; It provides the ability to reuse and build upon the value of structured data and IT investments.

You can create a personalised, agile, collaborative solution, that visualised data in real-time empowering you to build upon business value. Let us demonstrate how, by taking you through our interactive, guided tour here.

Build secure, agile, governed, collaborative web services faster.

Harness the value of digital and data. This allows you to easily build on your investment in G8CC. That delivers ongoing value for you.

Securing a single version of the truth.

Unlike Silos, Spreadsheets and MDM, G8CC harnesses a single, trusted version of the truth across infrastructure and a laterally scaling number of services. This removes overhead and licensing costs, whilst providing a governed, reusable, coherent, concise data object that is easily extended and built upon. This empowers agility, breaking the recurring wheel of debt within IT delivery, take our simple, interactive, guided tour here to see how you can accelerate your time to value.

Releasing value.

G8CC empowers you to release your information's value across processes, tasks, departments and organisations boundaries without losing control of your data. This enables others to reuse, link to and build upon data without comprising or replicating its integrity, empowering you to maximise the value of collaboration. In our interactive guided tour we demonstrate G8CC's unique governance and data-driven structure. Take the tour and see how you can easily release value.

A solid, reusable, trusted foundation to build upon.

G8CC provides a simple software framework that's easily configured within infrastructure that suits your needs. It empowers you to mirror processes and tasks with connected concise structured data.

G8CC allows you to abstract replicated information across processes and tasks into unique easily extendible Apps. Data within these Apps can be reused within the service, across services within the infrastructure and across infrastructure, this empowers you to build upon trusted data and reuse investment across borders, generating value faster.

You can easily build an integrated, structured data foundation that accelerates your digital journey. Take our simple, interactive, guided tour here or you can contact us here to discuss your options.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds, building for the future.