Streamline and secure access to data across databases with our Fine-Grained Access Control solution.

Secure and unlock data with Fine-Grained Access Control. Support compliance and access trusted data when and where it's needed. Build trust, enabling you to create agility and resilience, reducing errors, wastage, risk and cost.

What is Fine-Grained Access Control?

Fine-Grained Access Controls allow you to share data at a value level. This allows unique data to have its own access controls. This ensures you share compliant data across lines of business, departments, agencies and partners.

Fine-Grained Access Controls empowers you to harness and unlock the flexibility digital provides. This ensures your ecosystem detects changes and responds faster when data changes.

Why do you need a Fine-Grained Access Control Solution?

Digital transformation has led to data being strewn across databases. Role and system based access controls have locked data into databases creating silos. This has led to data getting shared and collaborated on through disjointed processes. These disjointed processes have created new silos, increasing the chance of errors. This has increased wastage, risk and cost.

Fine-Grained Access Control Solution allows you to secure and share data across these silos. It ensures you stay compliant and unlock access to data. This builds trust, allowing you to extend high quality data, creating agility and resilience.

How does digital unlocks an opportunity to secure Fine-Grained Access Control Solution?

Digital allows you to harness and share a unique data object. Each data object gets wrapped by a view. A view creates a key and value structure. Each key has unique access controls attached to a specific user. That secures access to data, harnessing the flexibility digital ensures, allowing you to unlock data visibility. This secures data sharing and collaboration.

The underlying connectivity that supports digital allows unique views to get accessed when and where it's needed. That streamlines data sharing and collaboration, enabling you to secure a single version of the truth. This truth gets shared within and across traditional borders created in Business and the Public Sector. That enables you improves data quality, securing data collaboration.

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What benefits does Fine-Grained Access Control unlock?

Fine-Grained Access Controls empowers you to share, collaborate on, reuse, link-up and automated.

The ability to share and collaborate on data improves data quality. It removes the chance of errors created when data gets copied to another system. This enables better, real-time decisions. That reduces wastage, risk and cost.

The reuse of data creates agility, that is because you build on trusted data to support business change. This reduces the risk and cost of delivering new systems. That enables you to do more for less, reducing IT backlogs, wastage and cost.

A unique data object stored at a specific location provides a point to link other data to. This linked data gets aggregated into a single screen, based on Fine-Grained Access Controls. This provides more, higher quality data at a user's finger-tips. That removes the need to chase knowledge, reducing disturbances, wastage, risk and cost.

When you harness a piece of unique data you can trigger automation when it changes. This automation can be used to notify a user with access to a specific value that the value has changed or something more general, such as creating a real-time data stream for analysis or automated tasks. That empowers you to unlock the value of real-time data management and engagement. This ensures you detect changes and respond quickly.

How can you secure Fine-Grained Access Controls across databases?

G8CC provides a simple, yet powerful solution to secure Fine-Grained Access Controls. It empowers you to harness and build on existing data in a multitude of databases, allowing you to share, collaborate on and automate data.

G8CC allows you to create new views using data across one or more databases. Each view wraps around a unique data object, creating a structure. Views can be embedded into new views, these build new IT systems, creating agility in IT.

G8CC handles Fine-Grained Access Controls to unique data objects. Using views to manage access as a structure to manage control to specific values. This empowers you to unlock the flexibility digital provides, allowing you to share and collaborate on compliant data.

G8CC has four built-in Fine-Grained Access Controls. These access control include the ability to:

  • Not allow users access to a specific value.
  • Enable users to access data in a read-only state.
  • Allow users to access data and update it, with updates only getting viewed by the user who shared the data.
  • View and Updated values, sharing the update with all users who have access to the specific key.

This creates a flexible, fine-grained access control around a unique data object.

G8CC empowers you to link-up and aggregate data. This functionality is built on the . That ensures users have access to trusted, high quality data when and where it's needed.

G8CC has a low learning curve. This enables you to focus on delivering a solution that unlocks the value of Fine-Grained Access Controls.

G8CC has built-in connectors for many popular databases used in Business and the Public Sector. This empowers you to build Fine-Grained Access Controls around Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, aws, oracle, azure and gcp databases. 

G8CC is a distributed data sharing platform. It creates a network of distributed nodes. Each node controls access to zero or more databases, wrapping them with access to unique data objects, using Fine-Grained Access Controls. A node is simple to configure and runs in infrastructure that suits your needs. This can be onsite or in the cloud. Nodes get distributed across multiple geographical locations.

G8CC allows you to keep physical and logical control of shared data. This supports compliance, with the ability to secure and share access to trusted high quality data.

G8CC Fine-Grained Access Controls unlocks value for:

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your transition to a fine-grained access control system. We help you to overcome rigid integration and disjointed, costly collaboration. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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