Empowering Businesses and Government Departments to secure Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration in a simple solution.

Your Business or Government department can reduce errors, wastage and cost, improving data quality, access and compliance by securing a single version of data with Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration.

Why do you need our Zero Copy Data Integration and Sharing solution?

Your data is getting copied and passed around. This detracts from its value and makes it harder to secure.

You have the same data copied across databases, spreadsheet silos and partners. This has been glued together with multiple solutions that increase the amount of the same data. That gets compounded when people collaborate through email. This has increased complexity, fragmentation of data usage, cost and risk.

Your silos have resulted from poor access to data and each new solution having a new database. This has driven data sharing and integration into disjointed processes, blocking ongoing agility.

Your integration and data sharing processes have created multiple versions of the truth and increased the risk of errors with manual processes. That's increased the time to value for new systems and imeded data quality.

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Our Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration solution secures access to a single, reusable data object. This data object can be from a single source or combination of data from multiple sources. That data object can get linked/connected up and embedded into new data objects to extend its value. Each data object has a granular data access model. That allows it to get shared across multiple people and/or things.

By creating a reusable data object with our Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration solution you reduce the risk and cost of existing technology. It creates ongoing agility, reducing time to value when extending systems and enabling collaboration on higher quality data.

Connecting/linking up data and embedding it across systems reduces complexity. It allows IT departments to focus on creating value from data instead of passing it around. That reduces IT time, costs and wastage.

Our solution allows your Business or Government Department to keep physical and logical control of data. It enables data to get shared and integrated across partners and other departments easily. It logs details about who has accessed data to increase its value. This improves ongoing compliance needs and engagement.

With our solution securing a single data object with defined granular access that enables automation of engagement. This allows others to detect changes and act faster. That reduces ongoing errors, wastage and costs.

This is why your Business or Government Department should contact us here to implement a Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration architecture.

What led us to create a Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration solution?

Developing our solution from within a group of SMEs that shared data and collaborated to manage supply chains, logistics and warehousing. We understood the need for high quality data and security.

Partners in the B2B ecosystem copied data across silos and created risk. But, this doesn't just apply to this B2B ecosystem. The copying of data also applies to Government Departments, Healthcare and all industry.

The copying of data across databases and partners means the data owner loses physical and logical control. The loss of physical control impeded compliance and security. The loss of logical control meant they didn't know how the data was used or if it had been changed. This led to poor quality data, increased risk and disjointed collaboration.

The partners didn't have a desire to pool data into one large warehouse and we didn't have a desire to manage the complex and fragmented system this would create. Data Warehouses and Hubs are just a new silo. They create rigid data management and have limited access management.

To overcome this issue we had to think outside the box, instead of copying what's in the box. We had to turn data management on its head. Moving from copying data across partner silos to enabling access to data within partner silos. Digital and its underlying connectivity created an opportunity to secure this.

We looked at how a single data object could be secured in a way that would overcome these obstacles. Fortunately, digital and its underlying connectivity allows us to secure and access data. But, this hasn't been leveraged by other products. That's why we created G8CC.

G8CC took the premise that data shouldn't get copied from an existing place to another for integration or collaboration. This is what makes it a Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration Solution.

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G8CC, a Zero Copy Data Sharing and Integration solution for Business and Government.

G8CC leverages the flexibility of digital and its underlying connectivity. It provides a simple, yet powerful solution to enable Zero Copy Data Integration and Sharing.

Your G8CC platform manages interaction between users/bots and data. Each G8CC platform becomes part of a distributed network. Each G8CC platform manages granular access controls to a single version of data. Data can be stored within the G8CC platform or in external databases.

The granular access controls enable Zero Copy Data Sharing. The Zero Copy shared data gets combined with G8CC Apps. These apps can combine data from one or more databases or G8CC platforms. This depends on your needs and the access controls assigned to the user or bot. The G8CC Apps enable Zero Copy Data Integration.

G8CC has a low learning curve and includes connectors to many popular databases used in Business and Government. This reduces delivery risk and lowers ongoing costs. This allows your Business or Government Department to start small and easily scale your Zero Copy Data Integration and Sharing.

G8CC includes database connectors for:

G8CC's ability to secure a single version of data enables data to get linked/connected-up. This creates a distributed graph of data across the G8CC platforms. This makes data easier to find. That reduces errors and wastage.

G8CC's a simple solution to facilitate Zero Copy Data Integration and Sharing. You can contact us here to learn more about G8CC and enabling Zero Copy Data Integration and Sharing.

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your journey to a secure Zero Copy Data Integration and Sharing. We can help you to unlock the value of siloed information. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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With G8CC you can:

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Deploy our Application Platform on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, private cloud.

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G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.

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