Create resilience, unlock opportunities and drive optimisation with Business Data Sharing.

Sharing business data empowers businesses to accelerate their use of digital and data. This ensures Businesses use high quality information to make decisions on and unlock automation.

Secure Data Sharing in Business ensures businesses can detect changes, respond faster and mitigate risk. That reduces errors, wastage, risk and cost.


Lines of business, database and partner silos impede the ability to share business data. They've led to disjointed data sharing and collaboration. This creates new silos, leading to inconsistent information management. That creates errors, adding wastage, risk and cost.

Data is a strategic asset for Businesses. Being able to share it ensures business access correct, high quality information when and where they need it. This creates opportunities and enables faster, higher quality responses.

Gartner predicts that by 2023,

"Organizations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics."

This demonstrates the value of Business Data Sharing Yet, Gartner also predicts,

"less than 5% of data-sharing programs will correctly identify trusted data and locate trusted data sources."

This impedes value and leaves Business lagging, that leads to poor growth and lose of market share.

How is business data sharing getting blocked.

Businesses currently have two means for sharing data. Both of these create extremes.

The first is sharing data through unstructured collaboration.

Data gets shared through solutions such as Email, IM, Notes, Phone Calls, etc. These solutions copy data from existing silos into a third party tool and copy it to another place. This increases the chance of error, creates a new silo of information and impedes access to others.

These "solutions" have led to disjointed Business Data Sharing and a loss of value. These impede inter company collaboration.

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The second is sharing an entire database of information. This means all the contents of a database is shared with a third party. That impedes governance and increases compliance risk. That leads to data not getting shared and a loss of value.

These Business Data Sharing solutions are restrictive and don't harness the flexibility digital provides.

Harnessing digital flexibility to secure Business Data Sharing.

Digital allows business to secure access to a unique data object. This data object gets governed, shared, collaborated on and automated across lines of business and partners. The data in the object gets shared based on governance at a value level. This creates very fine grained access control to information. That ensures Businesses share secure, trustworthy information.

The ability to harness a unique business data object, ensures secure data collaboration. This allows lines of business and partners to access, collaborate on and reuse high quality information when and where it's needed. This leads to more and better Business Data Sharing, harnessing information as a strategic asset, generating greater value.

A unique shared data object with fine grained governance overcomes the two extremes implemented to share data in Business. That enables Businesses and their Partners to create a single, shared source of the truth, unlocking secure data visibility. This truth gets built on to create a win-win for businesses and their partners.

The use of a unique data object across lines of business and partners drives optimisation in IT. It empowers IT departments to reuse and build on trusted, high quality information. This creates agility, empowering them to do more for less. That drives down risk and cost.

Harnessing and sharing a unique data object empowers Business to optimise processes with automation. That is because they can trigger automated processes in a single place when information changes. This ensures they use the correct information to secure real-time automation.

Harnessed data empowers businesses to identify trusted data and locate trusted data sources. That empowers them to support real-time visualisation. This leads to better, faster decisions. That mitigates wastage, risk and cost.

Ensure secure, trustworthy Business Data Sharing with G8CC.

G8CC is a simple, yet powerful Business Data Sharing software solution. It empowers Businesses to harness and secure fine grained access to data across silos. That allows Businesses to share secure, trusted, governed data.

G8CC empowers businesses and their partners to detect changes to information in real-time. It unlocks engagement, empowering them to respond faster and mitigate risk. This reduces errors, wastage and cost.

G8CC creates a unified interface to Business Data across Businesses and their Partners. This empowers them to share business data in a simple, collaborative solution. That unlocks the value of secure, fine grained trusted data sharing.

G8CC makes it simple to extend shared, governed data. This empowers Businesses to reuse and build on trusted data, lowering time to value, creating resilience and agility.

G8CC has a low learning curve. This enables Businesses to unlock data sharing faster. That allows Businesses to focus on creating business value.

G8CC has connectors for many popular databases used in Business. This enables Business and Partners to build on existing investments. That reuses existing database silos to secure Business Data Sharing.

G8CC includes database connectors for:

G8CC empowers Business to prioritise Data Sharing. It empowers Businesses and their Partners to generate greater value from trusted data. G8CC unlocks value for:

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your transition to a seamless Intercompany Collaboration Platform. We help you to overcome rigid integration and disjointed, costly collaboration. Our experience allows us to:

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  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.

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