How to build a Connected Supply Chain that secures Visibility.

Digital creates an opportunity to create a Connected Supply Chain. This empowers you to detect changes and respond faster, mitigating risk. That reduces errors, wastage and cost.

Firstly, what is blocking your Connected Supply Chain?

Your Connected Supply Chain is blocked because of manual processes and high cost, rigid integration.

Your supply chain's manual processes increase risk. They create errors and duplicate data across processes. This leads to poor decision making and increases the risk of a data breach. That adds wastage and cost.

These manual processes include paper and sending collaboration tools. These tools can be email or other third party solutions. These duplicate costs and increase the risk of errors. That's because data is being copied across systems. This blocks the flow of data across your supply chain.

To enable supply chain visibility you may have invested in high cost, rigid integration solutions. These solutions have copied data from one silo to another. They make it hard to onboard new partners. This blocks visibility and leaves you with blind spots in your supply chain. That impedes ongoing agility, flexibility and cost savings.

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If you don't overcome manual processes and high cost, rigid integration. Your supply chain will lose out. It will continue being clunky with high risks and blind spots. This will block your ability to streamline processes and drive efficiencies. That leaves you on borrowed time, till you get surpassed.

You need a simple solution that overcomes these issues. That will empower you to harness the value of digital and enable a Connected Supply Chain. You can take your first step to a Connected Supply Chain by contacting us here.

How does our solution harness digital empowering you to build a Connected Supply Chain?

Our solution harnesses digital to:

  • Secure access to data.
  • Enable a single version of data to be shared.
  • Allow data to get shared based on simple, flexible access management.
  • Empower supply chain processes to access secure, trusted data.
  • Connect data and processes across the supply chain.
  • Create connections between data and processes.
  • Facilitate engagement as data changes.
  • Secure visibility across your Connected Supply Chain.

With our Connected Supply Chain solution you streamline data usage.

Our solution enables secure, trusted collaboration and engagement. That empowers visibility, allowing you to detect changes and respond faster. That overcomes manual, duplicative processes.


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How does this differ to how you currently use digital in your supply chain?

The first major difference is our solution creates a single version of shared data. Your current solutions copy and duplicate data across processes.

This duplication means a loss of control for the data owner. It leads to multiple versions of data. That leaves you making decisions on outdated information. This causes errors and wastage.

The second major difference is the ability to facilitate engagement. Building on a single version of shared data. You can enable engagement based on access settings. This allows you and others to detect changes in real-time. That moves you beyond just enabling supply chain visibility. To make actionable, automated decisions or changes.

The ability to make automated decisions and changes streamlines your supply chain. That drives efficiencies, reducing errors, wastage and cost.

The third major difference is the ability to connect up data.

The ability to connect up data makes it simple to find. Our solution creates a distributed graph of data objects. This creates new opportunities and overcomes blind spots in your supply chain.

The fourth major difference is agility. Other solutions rely on copying and syncing data. This adds management and delivery costs. That increases IT debt. Our solution allows you to easily combine and build on shared data.

The ability to combine and build on data reduces time to value and ongoing costs. That allows you to focus on creating value from IT.

The fifth major difference is you don't need to create a centralised silo. That's because our solution is simple to configure in infrastructure that suits your needs. This allows you to keep physical and logical control of your data.

The ability to keep physical and logical control of your data supports compliance. It allows you to add, remove or edit access management to shared data. These changes to access management can be made at any point in the data lifecycle. That secures ongoing needs.

These five major differences empower you to easily build a connected supply chain. You can contact us here and we will show you how to take simple steps to connect up your supply chain.

G8CC our Connected Supply Chain solution enables you to secure:

It has built in connectors for many popular databases used in your supply chain. This lowers delivery risk and cost. That enables you to focus on ensuring your deliver a Connected Supply Chain.

G8CC has built-in database connectors for:

How can we support your transformation to a Connected Supply Chain?

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your transition to seamless real-time Connected Supply Chain. We help you to overcome rigid integration and disjointed, costly collaboration. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

Contact GARNET8 today and start your journey to a modern, agile, scaleable, secure real-time Connected Supply Chain.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

Deploy our Application Platform on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, private cloud.

Access Management.

G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.

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