Simple, secure Data Mesh Platform.

Your silos and pockets of data block collaboration, integration and automation. This leaves you chasing knowledge. That increases risk, wastage and cost.

Make better decisions faster at a low risk with a simple data mesh platform. Create a competitive advantage and securely unlock data visibility.

Business, Public Sector, Healthcare and Supply Chains have undergone digital transformations. Their digital transformations have created silos and disjointed collaboration. This has lead to increased wastage, risk and cost. A data mesh platform is a low risk solution to overcome this.

A data mesh platform creates agility and resilience.

Your data mesh platform builds on existing investments. It brings governed data together. This data gets extended and joined up. That provides a secure way to release agility.

A data mesh platform differs from Data Hubs and Warehouses. That is because these solutions copy data from silos into a new silo. These processes have increased complexity and wastage. They block agility.

A data mesh platform reuses and extend data from existing silos. This removes the duplicated management and cost.

With a data mesh platform you can support faster change management. This unlocks data visibility. That reduces delivery and ongoing costs.

Your data mesh platform improves collaboration. This speeds up decisions and builds trust. That reduces risk.

A data mesh platform provides an opportunity for:

A data mesh platform removes the need to chase knowledge across industries. That lowers wastage, risk and time to value.

By implementing a data mesh platform you unlock the value of data.

Increase data value with our simple, secure data mesh platform.

Reduce ongoing cost. Lower wastage, creating agility and resilience. Our simple, yet extremely powerful data mesh platform G8CC unlocks value.

G8CC provides a low risk way to start small and easily scale your distributed data mesh. This harnesses data value within and across traditional borders. That creates a competitive advantage.

G8CC includes a simple:

G8CC wraps powerful functionality into a simple, low risk data mesh platform. This empowers you to unlock value across database silos.

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