Integrate database silos to unlock Collaboration Among Employees.

The silos in business processes and tasks create disjointed Collaboration Among Employees. This leads to pockets of silos and disjointed collaboration. That blocks visibility and leaves employees chasing knowledge.

To unlock seamless Collaboration Among Employees business and the Public Sector must harness data. This allows data in databases to get extended with trusted collaboration.

Data silos impedes Collaboration Among Employees. The silos create blind spots and leads to disjointed collaboration. That creates new silos, impeding decisions.

Your business can unlock Collaboration Among Employees by harnessing data silos. The harness allows employees to extend trusted data with collaboration. That builds a secure, trusted source of information.

Your digital transformation caused silos. The transformation migrated paper processes to a digital format. This didn't harness the flexibility the digital provides. It has left employee collaboration to revert to digital silos. These silos would have once been notes. But, they are now emails, instant messages etc.

Digital provides an opportunity that hasn't been harnessed.

This opportunity empowers employees to extend the data directly. That creates a single source of trusted data. This vastly reduces wastage, risk and cost. It removes the need to chase knowledge. That empowers better decisions faster.

That delivers Collaboration Among Employees and unlock productivity.

Simple integrated employee collaboration software.

G8CC harnesses "Collaboration Among Employees" and database silos.

G8CC provides a simple, yet powerful way to support employee collaboration. It empowers business to integrate and join-up database silos and collaboration. This creates agility and resilience.

G8CC is a flexible software platform. It gets configured in infrastructure that suits your needs.

The platform unlocks secure, governed employee collaboration and data visibility. That delivers seamless collaboration and agility within and across processes.

G8CC creates a data integration layer. Employee collaboration is attached to the integrated data. This removes the need to chase information across third party collaboration tools. That reduces wastage, risk and cost.

G8CC is a simple, low risk solution that unlocks collaboration among employees.

G8CC is a flexible platform for:

G8CC save you time and money unlocking employee collaboration. Contact GARNET8 today. Start your journey to integrated employee collaboration.