Lack of employee inclusions impeding decisions (Part 2)

Personal and Departmental silos are impeding decision quality and speed, due to lack of inclusions.

This is the second of a two part series. This series looks at how lack of inclusion is impeding organisations, within this blog we look at how lack of inclusion is impeding decision making within organisations.

Organisation decisions are being impeded by silos and lost knowledge.

Wastage and lack of knowledge is undermining organisations decisions.

Organisations want to benefit from faster decisions and higher quality information, but current information management is fragmented and impeding decisions.

Organisations need employee's to collaborate to create a unified ecosystem of high quality information, delivering organisation value. The current fragmented and incoherent design of personal and departmental silos and lost knowledge is wasting 'Time and Money'.

The fragmented and incoherent foundation has caused a segmentation within decision making. This segmentation has created a myriad of reporting systems and delivered high cost and wasteful 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' procedures.

These procedures lack depth and only deliver value from information at the time it was extracted. This causes organisations to lack knowledge and are wasting valuable time and information. The time wasted in these procedures is increasing risk and undermining organisations ability to make decisions.

Organisation are wasting their competitive advantage and increasing risk due to fragmented, incoherent data management and collaboration.

Creating a coherent picture.

A coherent picture can be described using a pyramid with the all seeing eye.

The pyramids bottom third would be the organisations data. The middle third is employee's and departments using information from the data to create value, with the top and an all seeing eye being decision making.

Currently, organisations have a myriad of pyramids that are leaking knowledge. These pyramids are costing organisations 'Time and Money', whilst impeding decision quality.

These pyramids have been created due to a lack of inclusions into organisations goals.

Demonstrating inclusions to benefit decisions.

Demonstrating employee value though inclusion benefits decision makers. This empowers them to make better decision with more knowledge.

For organisations to create a coherent pyramid they need to demonstrate employee contributions aren't lost into the abyss. Organisations need to demonstrate how employee's contributions are benefiting decisions and employee's meaning within a organisation.

Organisations can use simple things like not overwriting information. This means employee contributions aren't lost into the abyss, instead auditable trail of information is created with whom and when information was created. This moves data beyond content within a cell to something with a personal feel.

This moves employee's and department's from personal silos to contributing into a single pyramid.

Developing personalised contributions about information mitigates risk within the organisation. This is because employee's have a point of contract they can ask why, this contributes to engagement and feeling of belonging.

Creating a coherent pyramid within your organisation.

For your organisation to benefit from a coherent pyramid it needs a simple, yet extremely powerful solution that empowers the organisation to focus on creating value from knowledge.

Your organisation needs a solution that delivers the feeling of inclusion and contribution without long delivery cycles.

Your organisation needs to make decisions upon coherent information using current and future technologies in real-time.

Your organisation doesn't want a solution that creates more complicated layers of software, increasing cost and risk.

Your organisation needs a solution that simple, flexible and extremely powerful to create a agile data-driven foundation.

Your organisation needs GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC).

What our solution provides.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) solution provides Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes with a simple, yet extremely powerful and efficient way to create a coherent data-driven pyramid.

G8CC was built from the ground up to manage structured information in a agile way, that demonstrates employee value, engagement, collaboration and inclusion.

It moves your organisation beyond information being a value within a cell or database, to a coherent and inclusive way for employee's to collaborate. This collaboration and knowledge captured empowers decision makers to make more informed decisions faster.

G8CC provides the means for your organisation to create coherent reporting and decision making processes and systems. This system can utilise current and future technologies, to improve your organisation agility and outcomes.

With G8CC your organisation can utilise output-channels to visualise information is real-time. This removes your organisation beyond the expensive and wasteful 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' Procedures and empowers employee's to contribute value to your organisation.

Your should contact us here, so we can start a discussion about moving your organisation beyond a myriad of pyramids to coherent, real-time organisation.