Lost knowledge through inefficient paper processes.

Storing, scanning and manipulating eligible paper forms is inefficient, increasing risk, errors and costing organisations 'time and money'.

Insufficient foundation for organisations.

Many Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes still rely on paper forms within processes, utilising scanned or faxed versions for data management and collaboration. This is inefficient to process, store and derive intelligence from, it increases risk, errors, time and costs.

Eligible writing, lost documents and manually scanning, heightens risk and compliance irregularities. This makes information difficult to update, track and add value to, meaning processes become bloated, time consuming, increasing wastage.

Inefficient paper process affect all types of organisation, for example:

  • In Healthcare, eligible writing means patients spend additional time waiting while practitioners decipher notes.
  • Local Government have to supply additional transportation to carry different forms for different processes.
  • Supply chains exchanging knowledge of goods and quality between entities, creates risk and increases time and costs.

Utilising paper for data creation provides an insufficient foundation for decision making, collaboration and engagement. This means organisations lose knowledge and waste time and money. Processing inefficient information increases the risk of poor decisions and unhappy customers or citizens.

Beyond paper to an agile digital future.

Moving beyond paper within processes empowers Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to reuse and add value to information. This allows organisations to become agile, creating a trusted, knowledge base that enables them to move forward and mitigate change.

Organisations need a solution that allows them to start small and easily scale. This lets them build something of value faster and mitigates the unknowns, shortening the feedback loop. A solution that allows organisations to easily scale provides an agile data management foundation for them to build upon and is easily integrated into existing processes.

A digital foundation that is easily scalable supporting staff, removes bloat within processes, eligible handwriting and additional costs. This allows them to focus on their job, creating information that allows the organisation to make faster, better decisions, from higher quality information.

Solution that makes a difference.

Our simple, yet extremely powerful solution provide a simple, scalable alternative to the complicated, high risk, high cost paper systems currently in use. Take a tour here to see how you can accelerate your Digital Transformation.

It allows organisations to easily scale and add value to information without compromising their informations integrity, security or trust. This enables organisations to quickly create an agile foundation that supports a productive, collaborative and engaged organisation, with a simple to extend solution.

The reuse of information provides greater flexibility within organisation change, it allows them to build upon existing investments and information. This provides faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides an auditable foundation that empowers organisations to make better decisions faster. This foundation captures all knowledge entered within it. This is displayed within a simple to understand and engaging way that builds trust within an organisation and across its boundaries.

G8CC allows the simple integration of external learning and visualisation tools. This provide real-time visualisation that is simple to learn from. This integration allows organisations greater flexibility and simple change management, supporting current and future technologies, while reducing wastage and costs.

G8CC delivers a simple, yet extremely powerful way for organisations to migrate from paper based systems. It's easily integrated within existing processes, allowing organisations to easily scale and add value.

To move beyond the bloated high cost and risky paper processes within your organisation, Contact Us here to accelerate your digital future.