Lost knowledge within unstructured data.

Storing and sharing data in unstructured systems, compromises your organisations knowledge and change management capabilities.

Systems where employees impose structure within data management systems create unique, duplicated and difficult to manage silos. These systems restrict the organisations agility, compromising their ability to support change and increasing the total cost of ownership.

When employees leave it creates a vacuum of lost knowledge, meaning new employees take longer to become productive, costing the organisation 'time and money'.

Within employee imposed structure systems organisations don't maximise the value of their information. The duplications makes their data harder to manage, less reliable and costly to extend.

The unstructured, employee defined systems are causing organisation to lose knowledge, creating confusing buckets of data. This data supports many processes within organisations, but the duplicated effort and loss of knowledge is problematic.

What's needed?

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes needs a solution that supports processes with collaborative, reusable and governed information. The solution would allow the reuse of information across processes, creating engagement that reduces risk and loss of knowledge.

During organisation change, employee's need to be able to understand and build upon information. Building upon information will allow organisations to add value to existing data, mitigating risk, increasing productivity and improving decisions.

Moving beyond the duplicated effort and replicative information management will allow Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to become agile. This agility empowers organisations to extend the value of their information, without comprising its integrity.

Removing many versions of the truth, allows organisations and partners to collaborate on a singular information object. This reduce risk and improves outcomes across the organisations and its ecosystem.

Applying governance and audited information management to the singular version of the truth, empowers organisations to make real-time decisions. This takes organisations from relying on outdated, replicative and costly solutions to a streamlined, simple to extend, collaborative data management system, that support the organisations processes.

Simple solution to support processes with collaborative data management.

Our simple, yet extremely powerful solution allows organisations to quickly and easily develop bespoke, collaborative systems that mirror their processes.

It empowers data reuse and collaboration across organisation and its boundaries. This builds trust within the ecosystem, breaking down silos, empowering the usage of high quality, auditable information, accelerating better decisions and reducing risk.

G8CC allows Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to reuse and add value to information. By embedding existing information, they can easily extend the value of information with new inputs and usages. This moves organisations beyond the employee imposed structure, to a simple reusable and extendable foundation that is driven by value.

G8CC provides organisations with a platform and architecture that empowers them to streamline information into a simple to manageable foundation. Our solution empowers people and things across processes to easily use and extend information, providing faster outcomes, with higher quality information.

G8CC allows engagement based on a 'Need-to-know' basis. This empowers organisations to reduce risk from change and act faster to improve organisation outcomes. The defined structure allows for faster time to value when employee's change or leave jobs. This enables organisation to mitigate risk and build an agile foundation, that supports current and future needs.

It empowers organisations to move from a leaky bucket, to a solid foundation that empowers their processes. You can contact us here for help achieving a simple, agile foundation that is easy to extend or download our consideration document here, to learn more.

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