Structured data management software that unlocks value.

Securely access, join-up and extend structured data. Integrate data across databases. With G8CC deliver flexible structured data management systems.

Structured data management software the harnesses the flexibility digital provides.

Structured data management software that embraces database silos. It unlocks value, harnessing the agility digital provides. This lower risk and cost, providing a faster time to value.

Structured data management challenges.

Structured database silos create challenges. They've led to complicated data architectures. The complicated data architectures impede the value of your data. The silos block business agility and increase delivery costs. This wastes time and money.

Data Hubs and integration glue rely on "extract" processes. These processes copy data from one place to another in a new format. This adds new challenges around governance and compliance. That increases cost, leading to complicated data architectures.

To overcome these challenges you must harness the flexibility digital provides. Structured data management software provides a low risk solution. It allows you to embrace and connect silos, unlocking value.

Our structured data management software provides a platform. It enables controls for data access, building views. These views are driven by connected database information. The views get merged and joined-up. That provides a way to integrate data across traditional borders.

That delivers a faster time to value.

G8CC, a low risk structured data management software solution.

With G8CC you can start small and easily scale. That reduces risk.

G8CC provides a middleware platform that supports database integration. This provides an abstract layer the handle's database connections and queries.

The integrated data gets merged and used in G8CC's distributed data sharing layer. This layer secure trusted access to information. It unlocks agility and provides a way to join-up and extend data across databases.

When you merge these functions you create a simple integrated data platform. This allows you to focus on getting the greatest value from your data.

G8CC removes the "extract, transform and load" process. It embraces data in existing database silos. This provides a simple, low risk structured data management software.

G8CC, structured data management software the supports current and future needs.

G8CC's unique loosely couple distributed data sharing layer provides ongoing agility. It supports ongoing B2B data integration. These reduces risk and builds trust across traditional borders.

With G8CC you can unlock faster change management. That delivers ongoing business agility. G8CC provides structured data management software that builds on existing investments. This unlocks ongoing value.

G8CC simple low code framework delivers structured data management systems within infrastructure that suits your needs. Its simple customisation and Business Logic Work-flows provide seamless ways for organisations to integrate current and future data analytics and learning capabilities. This allows organisations to make the most of the possible.

G8CC provides an alternative. It provides a simple to configure and easy to run framework and platform, that provides the transparency and control of a legacy system.

GARNET8's experience allows us to support your journey. We can:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

Contact GARNET8 here to start your organisations journey to a coherent, agile, automated and bright future.