Middleware tool-kit for data-driven organisations. (Part 6)

Mitigating the considerable challenges Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes have when delivering innovation.

Challenges when delivering innovation.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes face considerable challenges when delivering software strategies. With Cloud Infrastructure organisations now face another obstacle, where to deliver the service and to whom.

Cloud Services including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) have mitigated the cumbersome delivery and configuration models of legacy, but organisations lose control.

Legacy systems tie organisations to cumbersome delivery configuration and system bloat. This increases delivery costs however, it also has considerable advantages. These include integration capabilities, control over data and infrastructure, system location and version deployed.

When utilising SaaS systems to reduce costs or take advantage of innovation organisations lose control. Organisations are tied to infrastructure and the systems structure. These structures may suit certain needs, but that doesn't mean its going to suit all. Utilising SaaS means organisations are shackled to updates and system changes, meaning they've lost their freedom.

An example of losing control in Multi-tenant SaaS solutions would be Salesforce's outage in May 2019. An issues within a database script granted read and write privileges, leading to organisations being left vulnerable.

Two examples of this were recently seen in the consumer sector. Firstly, the backlash to Snapchat's User Interface changes in February 2018 and secondly the ongoing issues surrounding Facebook feeds and what information is displayed.

PaaS and Serverless or Function as a Service solutions offers more freedom to organisations, but they are still tied to infrastructure and components within the platform. Organisations can take advantage of new incumbents into the technology sector, but it's hard and costly to move beyond the platform if needs change. This locks organisations back into the same situation they've experienced with legacy systems.

Both delivery methods have associated costs and also impede organisation agility; the result is risk and loss.

Flexibility, simplicity and personalisation.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes need simplicity and reliability. This empowers them to deliver value from information within their processes.

All organisations are different, they have different needs, they do different tasks. Organisations need simple personalisation, that is agile, flexible and delivered within a budget that suitable.

Technology is changing, fast. Organisations need to be able to easily move beyond the shackles of a legacy system or cloud services. Organisations always need value for money they can't afford to be tied to infrastructure or service providers.

The solution for a brighter future.

Our solution is a simple, yet extremely powerful, product that empowers organisations to move beyond the shackles of current solutions.

Our solution empowers organisations to deliver structured data management systems within infrastructure that suits their needs. Its simple customisation and Business Logic Work-flows provide seamless ways for organisations to integrate current and future data analytics and learning capabilities. This allows organisations to make the most of the possible.

G8CC provides an alternative. It provides a simple to configure and easy to run framework and platform, that provides the transparency and control of a legacy system.

It's a solution that provides the foundation to create a bright and simple future for organisations, empowering them to focus on their needs. Contact us here, to start your transformation to an agile, collaborative organisation.

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