Middleware tool-kit for data-driven organisations. (Part 5)

Moving organisations beyond loss of knowledge and untrusted replication, to a compliant, coherent and trusted data-set that supports processes.

Entombed by fear, with an incoherent picture.

The disjointed migration to digital with a patchwork of systems and lack of connectivity has created a incoherent and insufficient foundation for Government Departments and Businesses off all sizes.

Lost knowledge, overwritten data, wastage within processes and IT budgets, long delivery cycles, replicated data, lack of encryption, non-compliance and lack of trust all contributed to the incoherent picture.

This incoherent picture is costing organisations 'Time and Money'. Legacy providers have shackled organisations to high costs and fear of change.

The complicated, disjointed and hard to manage nature of legacy and "integration" solutions has compounded the issues. "Solutions" like Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) have increased costs, adding layers of complexity and consumed time and budgets.

ESB, iPaaS and self configured glue hasn't addressed the issues, it's just replicated the silos to make them even more unwieldy.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes have been entombed within a incoherent picture.

Addressing the issues, creating a coherent picture.

Breaking the shackles of legacy and the complexity its delivered.

To create a coherent picture organisations need an agile foundation that allows them to reuse secure, governed information. This empowers them to support change and tie processes and information needs together to create a coherent picture.

Organisations need a solution that's simple. A solution that:

  • Can support existing data structures and structured forms.
  • Is simple to migrate to and empowers organisations to focus on process needs.
  • Provides a way that is simple to accomplish change within.
  • Stores a complete data set, with time and verified creator details, utilising encryption.
  • Uses triggers to govern and enable collaboration on data across departments and organisation boundaries.

This solution breaks the shackles of legacy and patchwork of digital systems, to create a coherent and simple foundation that supports organisations current and future needs.

The solution designed to create a coherent picture.

Our simple, yet extremely powerful solution provides a coherent, encrypted layer that stores a complete knowledge set. It stores data with verified user credentials and time every time information is created or updated.

Our solution enables organisations to support change, with simple intuitive functionality that allows them to focus on delivering value from information within processes.

Our solution creates a stable foundation for organisations to migrate existing systems to. The solution provides the framework, platform, collaboration layer and data management needed to empower organisations to create a bright, coherent future.

G8CC thus allows organisations to make better decisions on a complete knowledge set. Vitally, it allows these decisions to be made on current data and not on aged data that has been extracted at a potentially unknown time.

G8CC empowers organisations with better knowledge and lower costs.

This provides organisations with a way to create a coherent, bright, secure future. Contact us here today, to start your journey to better data and decisions.