Outperform your competition with our B2B Integration (B2Bi) Middleware.

Our simple, low risk B2B Integration Middleware unlocks efficiency, creating resilience and agility.

B2B Integration (B2Bi) is hard, but it doesn't need to be. Our innovative B2B Integration Middleware provides an opportunity.

B2B Integration (B2Bi) has been reliant on exchanging data. This replicates cost and risk across traditional borders. You've used EDI and Data Hubs. These have created new and larger silos. This results in a loss of control and higher data management costs.

Your inflexible B2B integration and silos have been costly. They've increased wastage and the risk of integration failing. That blocks the value that digital and middleware provides. Our B2B Integration Middleware provides an innovative alternative.

Our B2B integration middleware removes the need to replicate data. It provides an asynchronous middleware layer that allows you to securely share data. This removes the need for new or larger silos.

G8CC provides a B2B Integration middleware that empowers you to outperform your competitors.

How does G8CC unlock value in B2B Integration (B2Bi).

G8CC unlocks B2B integration without complicated and high risk, high cost software. It removes the silos, blind spots and wasteful data exchanges. These reduces risk and cost.

G8CC achieves this by allowing you to share data in existing databases. This empowers you to reuse and build on existing investments. That provides a faster time to value and higher return on investment (ROI).

G8CC creates agility. It allows you to reuse, re-purpose and extend trusted data. This creates resilience and unlocks the ability to change. That lowers delivery and ongoing cost.

G8CC joins-up data allowing you to find it. This removes the need to chase knowledge. That reduces risk, by providing high quality data at your finger-tips.

G8CC unlocks data visibility across your B2B network. That allows you to make higher quality, faster decisions.

G8CC reduces risk, wastage and cost. It creates agility and trust, that allows you to outperform your competitors. This empowers you to improve capabilities and outcomes.

Our B2B Integration Middleware releases value for:

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