Middleware tool-kit for data-driven organisations (Part 4).

From time consuming, disjointed and incoherent, to integrated, real-time and data-driven work-flows.

Challenges of automation and visualisation.

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes face considerable challenges when reducing costs, visualising information and delivering process automation. This leaves organisations at a considerable disadvantage.

Information work-flows within organisation can take one or many processes to complete. These processes may include expensive 'Extract, Cleans, Transfer and Load' (ETL) procedures to visualise information, integrate external systems or add-value from external data.

Current information work-flows have been built around a patchwork of digitalisation and integration. This patchwork has created an incoherent, expensive and fragile foundation that's impeding productivity and restricting the organisation's future abilities.

With data being described as the new oil, maximising its value as quickly as possible will create considerable advantages.

The advantage of automating these work-flows.

Automating work-flows in a real-time, scalable and simple to manage way offers organisations considerable advantages.

First; it increases the amount and accuracy of the information being visualised for decision makers.

Second; it enables employee's to focus on their role supporting both customer and organisation needs, instead of being impeded by data visualisation procedures.

Third; organisations need to be able to understand and either extend or reduce work-flows based on the value of outcomes. If they don't understand or can't re-configure processes within work-flows they are creating wastage and loss.

Fourth; being able to simply and quickly integrate and extend processes to take advantage of future solutions provides unique opportunities for organisations as they gain the benefit of shortened delivery cycles.

Fifth; a seamless foundation enables the efficient use and proactive development of processes increasing agility.

And, of course, it reduces costs and risks within the organisation.

Customisable, simple, real-time work-flows.

Our solution GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple way to create work-flows containing one or many processes.

Processes within work-flows can be added or removed within a production system. This provides organisations with greater flexibility and lower costs of delivery.

Work-flows within our solution can be configured to run when information is created, edited or both. Organisations can create individual work-flows for each state, this provides flexibility and empowers choice.

The processes within work-flows can be used across Apps and Deployments within our solution. This provide a lower total cost of ownership and enables organisation to deliver better value from infrastructure, visualisation and learning systems.

Our solution provides organisations with a simple way to create a coherent, seamless and low risk foundation with automated work-flows that support their needs.

Our solutions low risk, low cost and flexible nature enables organisation to create considerable advantages using real-time work-flows. By doing this we eliminate risk and waste as well as providing a foundation that empowers the use of current and future technologies.

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