Middleware tool-kit for data-driven organisations (Part 1).

Common user interface and framework to lower costs, increase productivity and make better decisions faster, supporting a better future for organisations.

Multitudes of systems, impede processes.

The incoherent and disjointed nature of system interfaces within organisations are costing 'Time and Money'.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes utilise a multitude of information technology systems to support processes. This multitude of interfaces used by these systems are impeding visibility, collaboration, engagement, decisions and increasing wastage.

This myriad of interfaces creates barriers around collaboration and engagement. These barriers are increasing the time it takes to find information, causing risk and wastage. This is impeding agility, causing organisations to re-invent the wheel or create expensive glue when they need to change or extend systems.

Organisations have attempted to address the myriad of interfaces with integration platforms (iPaaS) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). These solutions have replicated information between interfaces, but they haven't addressed the problem.

These solutions don't support data-driven organisations, they don't empower collaboration and engagement to support processes and decisions. These solutions have increased the complexity and costs of the software estate.

iPaaS and ESB have shackled organisations to outdated and disjointed processes with legacy technology, disjointed interfaces and replication.

Benefit from Common Interfaces and Agility.

A seamless and common interface across processes will provide agility and empower employees to make better decisions faster. This increases cooperation between employees and reduces time to productivity

Providing a coherent and common interface with a common and simple set of tools provides cohesion within organisations. Using a common delivery frameworks reduces time to delivery, increasing returns and enables organisations to focus on process needs. This empowers organisations to break the shackles that have been entrenched them with expensive legacy systems that are holding them back.

Solution to support a coherent organisation.

Our solutions simple, yet extremely powerful framework provides the ability to create, manage and use structured information. Information structured within our solution provides a coherent and seamless interface driven by data. Apps within the framework are the basic building blocks that support processes within organisations.

The loosely coupled nature of Apps within our solutions framework makes it extremely simple to extend systems. This reduces the organisations time to delivery and change management costs, providing organisations with a unified and agile framework to deliver process needs.

The framework's App builder provides a simple way to deliver the building blocks that supports systems. This reduces the cost and time to migrate your organisation's disjointed and incoherent software estate. The simplicity of this solution means the learning curve is extremely shallow and provides a way to support a design driven mandate.

The framework provides a common interface for mobile and desktop devices. Utilising the common interface enables faster time to productivity and reduces the time and cost to create a brighter future.

Our solution easily moves organisations beyond silos, legacy and entrenched, disjointed processes. It provides a simple, yet extremely powerful way to break the shackles of high cost, complicated and difficult to manage legacy systems. Providing the organisation with an agile solution to create a better future.

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