Secure Distributed Middleware Platform.

Supply Chain, Public Sector, Healthcare and B2Bi are distributed. To release value these must be able to use data. A Distributed Middleware Platform harnesses data. It creates agility and resilience.

Digital offers an opportunity to innovate. But, the way in which distributed data gets managed blocks value. Our innovative Distributed Middleware Platform outperforms traditional distributed data management.

Distributed data management has been reliant on replicating data. This leads to high risk, high cost glue that is syncing data. That makes it hard to manage and extend these systems. Our Distributed Middleware Platform overcomes this.

Our Distributed Middleware Platform harnesses a single data object. That creates a single data object of the truth. This object gets shared with unique access governance. That allows the data object to get joined up, reused and re-purposed. That creates a secure, governed agility.

Why you need a Distributed Middleware Platform.

Processes and tasks in Supply Chain, Public Sector, Healthcare and B2Bi are distributed. To overcome this data gets replicated across processes and tasks. This replication leads to personal silos and multiple versions of the truth. That leads to poor decisions.

To overcome these silos you've sync data. This has created complex data architectures, new silos and wastage. These architectures are hard to manage with high costs.

You don't need to constantly sync data.

Digital and its underlying connectivity provides an opportunity. It allows you to create an asynchronous network. This empowers you to reuse and re-purpose data without replicating it. That reduces the complexity, supporting agility and compliance.

How our Distributed Middleware Platform creates value.

It improves data quality and access to trusted information. This supports visibility across Supply Chains, Public Sector, Healthcare and B2B. That empowers you to make better decisions faster.

By harnessing a single data object you can join-up information. This reduces this need to search for information. That provides trusted information in a single place.

Using a single data object unlocks access governance. It allows you to add and remove access at any point. This delivers control. It means you can share a single data object with multiple sources. Each source may have different view depending on their needs. This unlocks agility.

By sharing a single data object you can unlock agility. That is because you can reuse it without the need for additional glue. This provides a faster time to value, lowering ongoing cost.

With our Distributed Middleware Platform you release the value of digital. You create resilience and agility. That reduces risk, wastage and cost.

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