Middleware tool-kit for data-driven organisations (Part 3).

Secure, collaborative, engaging, data-driven processes that reduce costs and risk to break the shackles of legacy licensing, support and infrastructure costs.

Incoherent picture, lacking knowledge.

Structured data is special and needs different and more careful treatment than the never ending collections of data snippets that surround us all day, every day. Its structure has a purpose and that structure needs to be preserved and protected. One of its important facets is that it is inherently static and this is also its biggest problem.

To overcome this organisations have become reliant on free form and integration systems to collaborate on and replicate information between silos.

These solutions are implemented in a myriad of ways within organisations, but, they do not support the seamless, data-driven outcomes organisations need. These solutions are increasing risk and wastage, they are leaking knowledge and wasting 'Time and Money'.

They're doing this because organisations are implementing a multitude of solutions that support the replication of knowledge and information. The consequence? Organisations are increasing their licensing, management and infrastructure costs with the endless text-mining and reporting solutions that don't provide a coherent picture.

Integration "solutions" such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Integrations Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provide organisations with additional layers of complexity and cost to move information between end points. The movement of information doesn't engage people within processes, but instead increases the amount of information stored within silos. This increases storage, management costs and increases compliance risks, not to mention creating the question "which version is correct?".

This model isn't sustainable as the worrying answer to our question is "neither of them", they will both be correct in some parts and wrong in others.

ESB, iPaaS and free form data management systems haven't addressed the problems when using structured data. Implementing these solutions has created a loss of trust and knowledge.

Implementing a coherent, engaging picture using structured data.

Organisations need a coherent, secure and seamless way to manage and reuse structured data within the organisation and across its boundaries. Achieving this would mean that the structured data gains a singular identity instead of the replicated and poorly controlled multi-faceted identity that it has when it is duplicated.

Moving beyond the multi-faceted implementation that has resulted from replication, will empower organisations to build engagement, through secure collaboration around singularly stored data. This will provide a seamless way for organisations to collaborate within departments and across boundaries; removing the myriad of systems being implemented to manage collaboration around replicated data. This allows organisations to reduce risk and costs, creating a foundation of trusted and higher quality data.

A unique product to implement a seamless data foundation.

Our simple, yet extremely powerful solution allows Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to create an auditable and trusted knowledge singular data store. This store is then usable both within the organisation and beyond its boundaries without duplication.

Our solution moves organisations from, multi-faceted and replicative, with layers of cost and management to a sustainable, dynamic, agile and simple foundation, focused on creating business value that can meet its governance needs. This empowers them to make better decisions faster, collaborate and engage and support customer needs throughout the organisation and/or supply chain.

Our solutions simplicity, efficiency and seamless underlying structure enables organisations to break free from legacy software, replication and the myriad of line of business systems that are costing them 'Time and Money'.

G8CC provides the needed sustainable foundation to visualise and learn from information.

Contact us here, to start the digital transformation that use a innovative way to support your structured data. Don't rely on legacy solutions that add costs. It's time move to a solution that offers a singular, agile, simple future.