Middleware tool-kit for data-driven organisations (Part 2)

Event driven platform to mitigate sprawl and management costs within a data-driven organisation.

IT systems within organisations are reliant on short term patches and swapping monolithic architecture for lots of small silos with connective tissue.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes are wasting 'Time and Money' with sprawl and high cost legacy infrastructure.

Their infrastructure is impeding their agility and increasing wastage. They have created a myriad of reporting across different line of business systems, increasing risk and delivering a incoherent picture.

Their current delivery and integration methods are increasingly complex, increasing management costs and time.

Microservices are increasing the complexity of the software estate. Bespoke glue and Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) are expensive and these layers are adding additional costs and complexity.

Breaking down monolithic systems into microservices will increase the organisation monitoring and logging costs. Managing issues within a microservice doesn't mean the issues resides in the same service, increasing time to find the root cause of the issue, costing the organisation 'Time and Money'.

With the current skills shortage and increased costs, breaking the shackles of legacy systems with microservices is problematic. The implementation and management of microservices can easily suck your budgets dry. Microservices also have ongoing issues with management and staff change, these increase the cost and time it takes to fix issues.

Organisations have been utilising Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and its latest incarnation iPaaS to integrate (Replicate) information between legacy line of business systems and microservice silos.

ESB, iPaaS and custom integration solutions are adding layers of cost to infrastructure, licensing and storage. They are increasing the weight of the shackles and costs that are holding organisations back. These solutions aren't supporting organisations, they are applying short term patches.

A coherent platform to support processes.

For organisations to reduce costs and increase their resilience, they need a coherent platform to develop and reuse system components.

Addressing the issue of sprawl and shackles of monolithic systems will empower organisations to save 'Time and Money'.

An event driven platform is a system that orchestrates behaviours. The event driven platform triggers short lived events that execute functionality that supports the specific line of business process. The short lived process die after execution, reducing system overheads. This makes efficient use of infrastructure.

An event-driven platform empowers organisations to reduce management and delivery costs, allowing them to become more agile.

Event driven platform designed for your future.

Our solutions simple, yet extremely powerful, event driven platform supports short lived processes to deliver line of business consolidation. "HOW?" Each process utilises a set functionality defined within a GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) App, Apps work together to create systems. This event driven design allows organisations to consolidate multiple systems within a single platform.

The platform enables organisations to reduce hardware, licensing and infrastructure costs, allowing organisations to benefit from its loosely coupled design. The loosely coupled design allows organisations to remove duplicated effort and replication supporting change management at a lower cost.

The platform migrates organisations from short term patches and breaking monolithic solutions into lots of small costs. It empowers them to utilise the benefits of a unified platform and the agility of smaller reuse-able components.

The platform provides a coherent foundation to create the building blocks that support organisations processes. These building blocks are simple to understand, making change management within an organisation simple to orchestrate. This means organisations don't become dependent on people or skills.

Our platform removes the additional licensing and complexity created by outdated iPaaS and ESB products. This enables organisations to use their budgets to create value.

The platform within our solution provides many opportunities for organisations to benefit from agility, time-to-value and return on investment. It empowers organisations to implement a design driven architecture, supporting the organisations' needs.

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