Office 365 and G8CC = the natural partners.

Enterprises are finding it a challenge to maximise the value of information in a new culture of work.

"The New Culture of Work: Don't Get Left Behind" a Forbes Insight in association with Microsoft. They bring to attention a number of challenges that Enterprise organisation are facing.

Firstly, "The challenge will be how to put enterprise technology into the hands of every employee in a seamless, secure and intuitive way".

Second Challenge is the increase in cross-border traffic "Cross-border data traffic has increased by a multiple of 45 since 2005.", this leads into what they call the "borderless enterprise" and call for "Always on, zero - trust security model".

Lastly enterprises are finding it challenging to deliver "an integrated system can make the data flows from all relevant sources easier to see and easier to secure.".

These challenges are being caused within enterprises because,

"It's really difficult to streamline your operations and make them agile and efficient if you don't have visibility straight through your business processes."

George Westerman, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Initiative on the digital economy.

This problem is causing the gap between what is possible and what companies are doing to grow,

"The challenge is that the gap between what is possible technologically and what companies are actually doing is growing wider."

Gerald C. Kane, Professor of information systems at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

This causes costs to rise within the enterprise, it impedes customer experience and culminates in loss of competitive advantage and loss of enterprise agility.

Within the insight they recommend "an integrated system can make the data flow from all relevant sources easier to see and easier to secure".

Our solution provides a way for Enterprises to manage structured data in a secure way that allows data to flow to all relevant sources. This functionality provides Enterprise organisations with the solution to providing employee's with the right information when and where they need it.

Our solution delivers a agile way to integrate real-time visualisation and machine learning with collaboration, engagement and seamless reuse of information across enterprise borders in a compliant manner.

Our solution compliments the naturally free form collaborative nature of Microsoft Office 365 with a structured solution that implicitly limits and qualifies data that is shared with an always on, zero - trust security model.

Our solution doesn't disrupt your existing Office 365 strategy or installation, instead it enables you to simplify the delivery and agility of structured information within the "borderless enterprise".

Our solution provides a means for Enterprise to securely collaborate on and reuse information across organisation boundaries without losing control. This increases visibility and adds value to what may have been lost with replicative solutions like email.

Our solution and Office 365 naturally compliment each other, they provide the solution to current and future Enterprise challenges. They create a simple, seamless and intuitive foundation that provides visibility straight through Enterprises business processes.

To find out how you can easily integrate GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) into your existing strategy and compliment you Office 365 installation, you should contact us here.