Opportunities and Benefits our solution provide compared to Spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are increasing risk within processes, impeding collaboration, lacking engagement and restricting organisations abilities to create a coherent foundation.

Incoherence disguised by spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets have become the de-facto for structured free form data creation and management within Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes. But, they've become a compliance and security risk, that's impeding knowledge, productivity and decisions.

Spreadsheet simple free form nature made them a fast and cheap alternative to the long development cycles of bespoke solution. This allowed spreadsheets to multiply quickly, creating small silos of knowledge.

Silos created by spreadsheets are now restricting organisations agility and their ability to make decisions. Spreadsheets have been attached to emails or sync to personal/unused devises creating security and compliance risks, that's impeding decisions and change management.

Spreadsheets create multiple versions of the truth, this delivers a incoherent and outdated picture that lacks knowledge. This increases risk within processes, impedes collaboration, lacks engagement and restricts the organisations ability to create a coherent foundation.

Spreadsheets free form nature means they've been used in 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' procedures. These procedures have become wasteful and cost organisations 'Time and Money'. Using spreadsheet as a 'Extract and Cleanse' layer hasn't addressed the issues organisations face. They've just created more data, taken up time and cost more money.

Spreadsheets used within 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' procedures are a costly patch within a incoherent data foundation.

Agile, Coherent foundation.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a agile, coherent foundation. This foundation provides the opportunity to make decisions faster and take advantage of new new technologies.

Organisations will benefit from informed collaboration and engagement, reduced risk, trusted data and compliance within a secure agile foundation.

To achieve this organisation need the ability to deliver personalised solutions that support organisation processes quickly and efficiently. Organisations need the simplicity and free form nature of spreadsheets with simple collaboration, engagement and data reuse.

Government Institutions and Businesses of all sizes need a solution with a shallow learning curve, governance, structure and simple integration.

Solution creating coherent structured data foundation.

One of our solutions design concepts was to emulate the simple, structured free form nature of spreadsheets. We achieved this by creating the App builder within our solution. The App builder provides a simple, efficient way to create personalised structures, within a coherent, collaborative and engaging platform.

Our solution creates a coherent, secure, compliant and trusted information picture with the simplicity of spreadsheets free form nature. This empowers organisations to support process needs with agile structured data management systems that engage all parties with trusted, compliant, real-time knowledge.

Our solution allows organisation to move beyond the pockets of spreadsheets and dark data attached to emails and sync across devices. It provide organisations with a simple, yet extremely powerful foundation to support processes with trusted high quality information.

Simple steps to achieve a coherent future.

Understanding your spreadsheet landscape is the first step to achieving a coherent future. Data within this landscape can easily be replicated between spreadsheet and this replication creates distrust and distortion within decisions.

To understand the data landscape you don't need to copy all the data to a centralised place and build from there. You can achieve this with titles or descriptions of the data within columns and information about the people or teams those spreadsheets are managed by.

Once this informations been gathered replicative information within spreadsheets can be abstracted out into unique structures and reused across structures, the reuse of information is easily achieved within our solution. We recommend you use a wire diagram tool to visualise the structures.

These structures can easily be defined within our solutions App builder. Organisations can easily bring together the distributed, incoherent spreadsheet to provide a new coherent foundation of secure, trusted, collaborative and engaging information. This foundation empowers organisation to make the most of current and future visualisation and learning capabilities.

Contact Us here, if you have any question about migrating from a incoherent and disjointed foundation.