Platform approach to improve customer experience. (Part 1)

Allowing Government and Business to innovate faster, enabling them to deliver IT systems more easily and at less cost.

This is the first blog in a two part series that discusses how a platform approach to digital transformation can overcome problems. This post looks at how this approach can benefit your organisation. The second post here, look at how Government and Business can create user centric web services 30x faster.

Inspiring customer experience.

Organisations have a need to deliver inspiring customer experiences that allows them to build competitive advantage within new markets or support existing services.

To do this they need to extend and integrate systems, deliver faster time to value and improve information analysis. This allows them to optimise output to suit their customers needs.

Using a platform approach will enable them to uncover new sources of information providing better knowledge management and optimised business processes.

IT issues with supporting business processes.

Currently, if they have a problem, associated with a task in a business process, they have two choices: do something or do nothing. Doing nothing leaves you with your poor user experience, loss of knowledge and disjointed business processes. Doing something normally ends up with higher costs, development cost overruns, narrow focus and again results in poor user experience despite massive upheaval for the organisation.

Put simply, both lead to more expense, more exposure, more data and more reporting for the business to try and manage and understand. This also exposes it to ineffective change management and high future integration costs, with loss of competitive advantage and poor customer experience.

The platform approach.

A platform approach allows organisations to put a foundation in place that combats this. This allows them to customise their systems in a highly specialised way, within a secure environment that is trusted.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) enables Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to deliver a consistent user experience based on trusted information and systems. This consistent user experience allows them to reduce training and delivery costs, through the seamless reuse of information and components.

G8CC allows organisation to build a simple extendible component based IT systems. This approach provides faster time to value, simple low cost ongoing integration and vastly reduced upfront design and implementation costs. Using G8CC as their foundation allows organisation to become more agile and make better decisions based on data at all levels.

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