Platform approach to improve customer experience. (Part 2)

Supporting end users with high quality information in line of business processes to improve organisation outcomes.

This is the second blog in a two part series that discusses how a platform approach to digital transformation improves outcomes. This post discusses how a platform approach can benefit employees and decision makers, the first post discussed improving outcomes for your organisation.

The disjointed world of end users.

The disjointed nature of software supporting processes and decisions is consuming resources, time and productivity. The entrenched replication within systems is creating duplicated effort, mistakes within processes, poor decisions and loss of trust.

The myriad of places where information is stored is causing compliance and security issues, while increasing the cost and time it takes to make decisions. These systems are creating wastage and disturbances within business processes causing tensions between end users. These tension lead to a loss of knowledge and lack of cohesion within your organisation.

This is leading your organisations to untold issues within processes, increasing IT budgets and holding your end users back.

The platform approach to support business processes.

The platform approach to managing information allows you to consolidate systems reducing the surface area where mistakes can be made. This approach reduces risk and development costs allowing you to create a flexible foundation to support end users within business processes.

Reducing risk and inconsistencies within information build trust within within IT systems. This trust allows end users to contribute more and better quality information because it makes their job easier.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a foundation for organisation to easily build solutions that allow end user to contribute value to each other without losing control or compromising integrity of their information.

How your organisation benefits.

G8CC creates a simple and robust foundation that allows your organisation to mitigate risk and any loss of knowledge from 'Shadow IT' or 'Dark Data'. It's simplicity and agility provides organisation with a simple wrapper that allows them to support end users and change management. G8CC's simplicity moves budgets from building the wrapper that brings information together, to working with end users to support their needs.

G8CC provides your organisation with a complete information technology stack built around structured data. This information management stack provide output channels that allow key decision makers to make more informed decision. These decisions are made on a complete data set in real-time, using high quality information created from informed end users.

Opportunities for 'End Users' and 'Key Stakeholders' to make better decisions.

G8CC builds an auditable trial that provides trust and knowledge about information. This trial allows end users to make more informed decisions without disturbances, causing tensions within the workplace or creating business risk.

The built in Governance and Collaboration tools secures information within your organisation. This functionality improves the quality and amount of information key-stake holder have to make more informed decisions. G8CC allows these decisions to be made faster, this reduces business risk and provides you with a competitive advantage.

Moving beyond replication and lack of trust.

G8CC's framework enables you to simplify your Information Technology architecture providing end users with more robust IT system. The Governance and data controls deliver a flexible foundation to easily reuse and extend existing information without replication or complicated high cost development.

Using G8CC as your foundation will allow you to easily support end users needs within business processes. This foundation builds trust in your information allowing your end users to become more flexible in working practises reducing your organisation costs.

With G8CC's loosely coupled component design your organisation can easily start with a small deployment and extend it as your G8CC systems provides you with increased business value.

You can try G8CC here. Within the tour we build an agile, extendable IT system. It demonstrates how you extend the value of data with G8CC.