Easily create a single view of data with our Unified Data Platform.

Unify data across existing data silos and improve data security with our simple Platform. The platform empowers you to create agility and boost collaboration, lowering errors, wastage and cost.

With our Unified Data Platform you secure the use of actionable data. It empowers you to easily combine, link/connect-up, collaborate on and automate data. That empowers you to add value and boost secure collaboration. That creates agility, lowering errors, wastage and cost.

Our Unified Data Platform easily integrates existing data sources. It includes database connectors for many popular databases used in Businesses and Government Departments. These connectors reduce delivery costs, time to value and the learning curve needed to deploy our Platform.

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Our Unified Data Platform has database connectors for:

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Why do you need our Unified Data Platform?

Your database and spreadsheet silos are blocking outcomes. They've led to pockets of collaboration, creating new silos. This impedes data quality and adds risk.

Your Digital transformation has created a patchwork of silos. These silos impede access to data and have left you chasing knowledge. This has led to new silos that increase complexity and leaves you with higher IT costs.

You've integrated data by syncing it across multiple data sources. That has creates a complex, high risk, high cost data architecture. This architecture duplicates wastage and cost across silos.

To unlock the value of data you must be able to access it. This enables you to reuse and extend it across processes and tasks. That delivers faster time to value, lowering ongoing costs, securing higher quality, faster decisions.

Traditional solutions copy data from multiple silos into a new silo. These solutions are Data Hubs and Warehouses. But, this doesn't help lines of business find information or make decisions. That increases wastage and cost, impeding outcome.

Our Unified Data Platform secure data visibility and access. That allows lines of business and Government Departments to add value to data and improve its quality.

You can learn more about our Unfied Data Platform by contacting us here.

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Building on investments with our Unified Data Platform.

Digital allows you to create a single data object of the truth. This builds a distributed single source of the truth. That allows you to govern, share and extend the value of trusted information.

The reuse of a single data object provides an opportunity that hasn't been exploited.

It enables you to reuse data and unlock agility. That allows you to access trusted information and extend its value. This improves data quality, unlocking a faster time to value. That is because you build on and extend existing, instead of recreating a new silo.

The reuse of data in a Unified Data Platform removes the cost and complexity created by syncing data. It allows you to merge and join-up data across silos. This builds a trusted, unified view of information that is simple to extend.

The ability to merge data across database silos enables you to create views faster. These views get used:

  • In new systems.
  • To automate data on change.
  • For real-time data visualisation.
  • By line of business to collaborate.

This secures and releases the flexibility that digital provides. That empowers you to accelerate your digital transformation.

A unique and powerful Unified Data Platform.

G8CC harnesses silos allowing you to secure, share, collaborate on and automate information in a Unified Data Platform.

G8CC removes the complexity of trying to sync data. It harnesses and secures data in views. These views get extended and reused. This allows you to build on existing investments across systems. That creates agility, lowers time to value and ongoing costs.

G8CC reads information from and merges data across unique silos. This removes the data the gets copied to a new silo in traditional solution. That removes the duplicated costs and time, created by other solutions.

With G8CC you connect and join-up data across database silos. Extending this data with collaboration and new systems. This empowers you to unlock the agility that digital provides.

G8CC is a flexible Unified Data Platform. It provides an innovative solution for:

GARNET8 Limited can support your ongoing digital journey. We developed G8CC from the ground up to create an innovative B2B solution that supports your ongoing Digital Transformation. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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