Seamless data and change management.

Benefit from better decisions, faster response to risk and a seamless data-driven foundation that creates opportunities and provides a competitive advantage.

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes suffer from lack of trust and poor engagement around information, loosing knowledge leading to poor decisions.

Risk created within disjointed change management.

Changes made to information within organisation and across their borders currently leads to high risk, poor decisions, security and compliance failures, loss of competitive advantage and can tarnish reputations if compromised or mistakes are made.

Organisation of all sizes need to manage information to complete common goals and tasks. These organisation have different needs, budgets and compliance constraints. This has lead organisation to a system of 'Mass Replication' to deliver legacy thinking.

Legacy thinking is causing massive holes in budgets and compromising data integrity, decisions and information trust.

Providing the ability to deliver engagement around changes upon information will increase productivity and reduce risk within processes. Moving from disjointed processes and legacy thinking will allow organisations to create seamless change management solution that reduces costs, risk and wastage while improving productivity.

Delivering seamless management.

Creating a seamless network of systems that provides information change capabilities through the reuse of data will allow you to improve data, flexibility and support change management reducing business risk. This is done by removing replication and creating a joined up network of data where organisation only store unique data objects.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) was developed from the ground up to deliver seamless information management within a Business ecosystem. G8CC creates a asynchronous network of platforms that allows organisation to store, collaborate on and provide access to information without replication, silos or being forced to use centralised narrow minded high cost systems.

G8CC was designed to support access and data management, collaboration, engagement and automation needs within Government departments and Businesses of all sizes. This moves current disjointed processes into a streamlined engaging system that benefits outcomes and decision making.

Supporting the needs of organisations.

G8CC's design allows peers to contribute business value without loosing control or trust in their information or processes.

The access layer creates a seamless foundation for collaboration and engagement. Collaboration utilise G8CC change management functionality which merges changes into a single data object. This differs from 'Mass Replication' systems as changes aren't replicated across peers. Utilising this functionality enables people and things to make better decisions faster and mitigate risk.

G8CC provides the opportunity to deliver a data management foundation that contributes trusted information into a dynamic and scaling business ecosystem. It provides a simple user experience to deliver ongoing value and supports current and future business needs. G8CC allows you to create a data-driven systems that suit yours needs and the needs of those who you collaborate with to deliver common goals.

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