IT and Data sprawl is costing you "Time and Money".

IT and data sprawl is increasing technical, software, hardware and management debt. This reduces your ability to unlock the potential of your data.

IT and data sprawl creates an inconsistent picture.

Your IT and data sprawl creates a disjointed, complicated, inconsistent, scattered, isolated, fragile, costly and slow information management. IT and data sprawl within your organisation increases business risk. This blocks change management. This has created incoherent processes and little engagement. That is costing you time and money.

Your legacy thinking is adding layers to the ever increasing IT and data sprawl. Integration, mass replication systems, 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load (ETL)' procedures and multiple reporting systems. These are increasing costs and making your infrastructure fragile. This is difficult to manage and costs time and money.

Your IT and data sprawl is causing inconsistencies within reporting and business processes. This makes it harder for decision makers and employees. That makes it harder to make the right decisions to support customers expectations.

Legacy thinking, IT and data sprawl don't provide a dynamic data-driven systems. This is blocking the potential of your data.

The world is changing. Your IT and data sprawl may have been acceptable. But, the amount of data being created, the speed in which it needs to be analysed and compliance laws means your being left behind.

Moving beyond IT and data sprawl.

Information management capabilities have moved beyond replicating spreadsheets and data. Your 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' (ETL) procedures duplicate data. Moving IT systems from on-premises to the cloud doesn't harness the clouds value.

Employees and customers expect information in real-time. Your IT and data sprawls blocks digital value. It replicated the paper and fax processes of old.

Legacy thinking is dragging you back. Your data and IT sprawl creates an incomplete picture.

At GARNET8 Limited we created GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC). Our mission is to 'Make Information Technology Simple'. We achieved this by creating a solution that allows you to securely contribute trusted information. This unlocks your data's potential without sprawl.

Low Risk solution to remove IT and Data Sprawl.

G8CC's event driven platform removes hardware sprawl. It allows you to consolidate a laterally scaling number of systems within a single platform.

The change management functionality built within G8CC enables you to reduce business risks. G8CC creates engagement and supports access management on a need to know bases.

Within G8CC you create simple loosely coupled distributed system. It has a built in framework that makes this simple. The framework enables you to mitigate risk in changes without compromising your data integrity. This allows you to stop replicating information between systems or across organisation boundaries.

The data-driven output channels within G8CC allows you to consolidate reporting. This supports real-time decision making for key stakeholders. This consolidation reduces costs and risks within your business processes. This delivers analysis of a complete data-set, not just information at one point in time.

This innovative solution creates more robust and easy to manage systems.

G8CC provides you with a solution that allows you to focus on your information needs. It stops you getting stuck by the glue that holds together your IT and data sprawl.

You can Contact Us here if you'd like to benefit from removing IT and Data sprawl. Our solution provides a simple solution to build a brighter future.