4 step guide to build your first web service with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC).

G8CC empowers Governments, Businesses, Supply Chain and Healthcare. It's a simple framework to manage data within web services. G8CC allows organisations to manage and build on data and business value.

  • 1. Designing your first applications. Businesses and People.
  • 2. Build your applications.
  • 3. Demostrate applications use.
  • 4. Share App and seamlessly manage distributed information.

Share GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) to maximise its ability to aggregate information across distributed systems.

G8CC allows you to reuse and share components with different governance rules. This empowers you to maximise the value of your transformation.

Step Four Share

Steps to share Apps between users.

  • Open Apps menu clicking the 3 stacked boxes.
    • Open the App menu (3 Bars).
    • Click 'Share'.
  • Export App Screen
    • Click 'Share App With'
    • Select who you wish to share the application with.
    • Scroll to the bottom and Click 'Save'
  • Configuration Options.
    • Check items configuration items you wish to export.
    • Recommended to leave as standard.
  • Click Share.
  • Validated shared Application information
    • Click 'Complete'
  • Within the recipient clients notifications
    • Click 'Install' to complete the installation.

You can share Apps with members of other GARNET8 Collaboration Cloud services as well as locally. The process is the same, in this demonstration we share 'Businesses' App with a user on another service, to demonstrate GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds ability to manage distributed information seamlessly.

Sharing Apps screen workflow.

Export App Screen.
Client Notifications Screen.

Create new information within shared App.

Sharing information across GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds services is seamless. The shared information is available to view within the shared Apps feeds, due to the tagging in the newly created information. 'ABC Plc' can also be embedded within new People App information.

Seamlessly embed information across services.

Allowing end users to manage information efficiently across departments, services and continents, without replicating information or your business/organisation loosing physical or logical control of it.