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Try G8CC.

Welcome to the boring but most fundamental part of your business, data management.

Data is being referred to as the new oil, but unlike oil, it isn't in the ground for the odd few, it's already within your business. But, if you want to REFINE grow and benefit from this oil reserve, you need to take the opportunity to manage this liquid gold in a manner that benefits your business.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides you with a platform and framework that enables you to get the most out of your oil reserve.

So, what does it do?

G8CC builds a collaborative layer across Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) systems such as AWS, Azure, IBM Softlayer or on-premises compute. Providing you with a interface through the G8CC framework to build bespoke, collaborative systems, that suit your businesses data needs.

G8CC provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the most suitable infrastructure, enabling you to comply with policies such as HIPAA or GDPR easily. You also benefit from not being tied in to a specific provider, so you can benefit from the lowest costs or best service for your needs.

It also provides you with a traceable auditable information trail, that enables you to benefit from better decisions and provide compliance easier.


Ok, so it does collaboration; how does this compare to Microsoft Teams, Slack or group based chat services?

G8CCs focus is to enable business processes through access and management of data, not conversation.

Services like Slack and Microsoft Teams provide a means for people to communicate with one another or bots in a unstructured manner, within a single service. So what's wrong with that?

Systems like slack and Microsoft teams enable the conversation to flow about a task, G8CC provides business with the means to collaborate on the data supporting the task.

G8CC bypasses the conversation and enables staff to make a more informed decision based on the information.

G8CC provides business with the opportunity to mirror business processes with data needed to complete the task. This is done in a structured manner that enables employees and or bots to complete task quicker, whilst making better decisions.

G8CC provides people with the opportunity to engage and collaborate directly on data across a laterally scaling number of services.

Much like editing a spreadsheet and emailing it to another. G8CC enables you to collaborate on specific row and columns with other unique people without the replication and loss of control. Or as we like to say "collaboration without the gossip".

This enables you to benefit from:

  • Engagement based on a 'need-to-know' basis.
  • Ability to have a single version of the truth.
  • The opportunity to deliver business intelligence based on a complete data set in real-time.
  • More flexible data management.

You mean its email with a little bit of trickery based around forms?

Yes, but G8CC is so much more....

One of the four fundamental design concepts behind G8CC was email. But, G8CC provide you with opportunity to remove access to specific information at any point in time. Enabling you to benefit from a more secure way to collaborate directly on information.

G8CC was designed around taking the best parts of email, HTML or paper based forms, spreadsheets and instant messaging and building a simple user friendly solution, that was easy to deploy and offered secure collaboration and engagement.

It provides you with the opportunity to build bespoke systems that seamless integrate and reuse data. Benefiting your business with faster business intelligence, better data to make better decisions and the opportunity to adapt faster and easier to business change.

So, it's Blockchain or a distributed ledger that works for business with a pretty user friendly framework?

Not quite, G8CC it has a vitally important fundamental difference. It doesn't replicate data, blockchain has a 'one-to-all' design, G8CC provides businesses with a 'known-to-one' design around access management. This means any amendments to the information are merged within the original piece of information.

Designing G8CC like this enables you to benefit from:

  • Distributed search.
  • Engagement and notifications to be generated on a 'need-to-know' basis.
  • Access to information can be removed at any point in time.
  • 'Ownership' of information to be changed if someone leaves or moves jobs within the business. Enabling you to mitigate change easier.

Fine, but how do I access my Data in this fancy product?

Very simply of course.

You access the data through a simple intuitive browser based interface over the framework. That means you can access it on mobile or desktop devices.

The framework provides a simple abstraction to the underlying G8CC platform, that controls access management and requests between people and their data and across the G8CC peer-to-peer network.

So, is this Middleware for data?

Yes, but again, so much more...

But, what about Analytics and Reports, surely they are important to businesses?

Of course they are; in fact the IoT community will tell you that Analytics are at the heart of the Industrial Internet with all the potential that offers for new business models.

G8CC provides simple hooks that can push information into analytics, reporting, business intelligence or machine learning services in real-time. This enables you to benefit from existing investments within your business.

Enabling you to take the opportunity to move from a expensive 'Extract, Transfer and Load Procedure' to a real-time system, that will benefit your businesses decision making and delivering you a greater competitive advantage.

G8CC enables you to benefit from better business intelligence based on better data faster at a lower cost. It's all from ONE DATA SOURCE = ONE VERSION OF THE TRUTH

Okay, but people are telling me that Artificial Intelligence and Bots are important to business, bet you can't manage that!!

Think about middleware here and just saying yes it can interface to anything G8CC provides a interface where you can push data in real-time to external processes or systems for additional processing. These external services can use a Application Programming Interface that has all the functionality that is found within the web client, this gives you the benefit from real-time data processing and the ability to query existing data the same way a person would.

G8CC provides you with the opportunity to benefit from current and future advances in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Bots, without large future investments and make use of existing developments or services within your business, with very little configuration or change.

Hmm, so where does it sit with the Tech hype cycle?

It's not in one neither is it on one, so G8CC can't be any good then, right?

Wrong, oh so wrong.
It's not there because it does the really boring and dirty stuff. It does the things people forget or think about as an after thought when it's too late.

It provides you with the ability to do the fun stuff you see within a hype cycle, it give you the opportunity to work with these technologies effectively, within a platform then enables you to keep control of your data and compliance needs.

All great, but how do I get started?

That is the fantastic thing about G8CC, you can can start very small or build your entire 'Digital Transformation' around it. Its design enables you to easily reuse what you've already done, as you need.

G8CCs App builder is quick and simple to use. You can get started without writing any or very little code and import existing data easily.