Saving you time and money.

Remove the wastage created by employees chasing knowledge. Integrate, join-up, share and govern data.

Finding information has a high cost.

IDC calculated employees waste two and half hours per day finding information. Mckinsey also estimates employees waste just under an hour and fifty minutes per day. IDC estimates it wastes $25 million per year for an organisation with a 1000 employees.

Making a small dent in this waste delivers a large rate of return.

G8CC allows you to join-up and govern data. This supports a single point of entry to find and display information. The point of entry depends on your needs. Examples would be a business (Customer, Supply, Partner), Person, Property etc.

Your rate of return increases as you join more information.

Below you can estimate your internal rate of return. These values are based on salary with small daily saving over three years. After the first calculation you can update the time saving. This allows you to personalise saving based on your internal needs.

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