Delivering value, by supporting coherent processes with trusted information.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) creates value becuase it:

  • Allows simple change management, reducing total cost of ownership, providing faster 'Time-to-value'.
  • Provides coherent, trusted, high quality information at staffs finger tips, enabling them to focus on process needs and making decisions.
  • Enables trusted, governed, secure collaboration, within and across organisations.
  • Empowers automation based on information change, supporting streamlined processes.
  • Supports your needs today and into the future.

Making IT simple, to provide business value.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides.

A simple intuitive user experience, allowing you to capture better information.

Real-time output channels so you can make better decisions faster.

Trusted auditable and compliant data, enabling you to mitigate risk.

Loosely coupled services that are easily integrated and extended.

A connected and engaged workforce, reducing business risk, duplicated effort and wastage.

Connected, Secure and Governed information, that is accessible by trusted personnel.

Lower upfront development and management costs of IT systems.

G8CC is a low risk alternative to high cost, high exposure IT systems. It provides a foundation to deliver coherent 'Business Processes' supported by trusted information.

G8CCs ease of use allows you to start with small projects and scale as it delivers you business value. This enables you to easily use G8CC without any high upfront licensing or development costs.

G8CC can be used to:

Migrate legacy system data to user friendly solutions.

Make information in spreadsheets reusable, collaborative and accessible across departments and business boundaries.

Reduce 'dark data' within business processes increasing business knowledge.

Connect website forms to back office processes reducing duplicated effort.

Consolidate systems, reporting and infrastructure to reduce ongoing costs.

Increase agility and improve decision making.

Move from paper to digital systems easily, reducing business costs, environmental impact and increase compliance.

You can use G8CCs delivery framework to plan your first project or request a demo, to view and discuss the opportunities G8CC can provide your organisation.