Software Framework accelerating your digital transformation.

Software Framework that empowers you to harness the power of structured data allowing you to focus on process and task needs.

Enabling you to:

  • Accelerate your time to value.
  • Easily extend and reuse structured information and IT investment.
  • Build upon collaborative, governed information.
  • Facilitate business change within and across processes.
  • Support and deliver an on-premises and multi-cloud strategy.
  • Easily build decentralised, seamless IT systems.

The Software Framework generic functionality enables collaboration, governance, automation, interface management and data streams, allowing you to harness and easily extend structured information, empowering faster, higher returns on investment.

The Software Framework.

The Framework provides a common interface for mobile and desktop devices, a low code/no code App builder and data-driven integration.

The Software Framework enables you to easily build loosely coupled App within and across the underlying platforms. This ability enables you to reuse and build upon information and investment across your organisation and its boundaries.

This Software Framework empowers you to move beyond the static, rigid and hard to extend line-of-business systems and spreadsheets impeding and increasing risk. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) facilitates coherent, reusable information, because your organisation is collaborating on, adding value to and extend a single version of the truth.

Each App can define one or many data streams or automated tasks. These can be triggered when informations created, edited or both. This allows you to easily manage visualisation and other integrated needs, empowering you to maximise the value of external technologies and licensing costs.

Getting started with the Software Framework.

The software framework within GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) enables you to focus on mirroring processes and tasks with structured, coherent, governed information. This allows you to focus on process needs and tasks.

G8CC's ability to extend and reuse concise structured data objects means you abstract your duplicated information across processes and tasks into unique Apps. These Apps are then used as common data repositories across processes and tasks, allowing you to build upon and reuse information and investment.

We recommend you build a wire framework that explains data needs and correlations between Apps. This framework(s) can then easily be transformed in G8CC Apps, allowing you to maximise the value of your data.

Within the wire framework define the data serialisation for visualisation and other automated needs. These streams and triggers are easily built within the App builder, empowering a real-time data-driven organisations.

Next step is to take our simple, interactive, automated, guided tour to see how you can use a simple, yet extremely powerful Software Framework to empower your organisations processes and tasks.