Low Code solution that enables Local Government to easily build web services.

Simple, affordable solution that empowers Local Government to effortlessly build besoke back office IT systems.

Create Mobile friendly, collaborative, efficient, seamless, integrated, governed and simple to extend data management systems that suit Local Governments needs.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) allows Local Government to mirror processes and tasks, with connected, high quality structured information, enabling faster, better decisions.

Empowering Local Government with Low Code.

G8CC provides a simple, low risk, affordable Low Code platform and framework that empowers governed, engaging, compliant collaboration across processes, tasks and Local Governments boundaries.

G8CC facilitates the simple reuse of data, investment and core components across Local Government. This empowers faster time to value, with lower ongoing delivery costs. It creates a coherent information foundation that supports agility across IT, processes, tasks and employee change, facilitating a low risk, low cost digital journey.

G8CC allows Local Governments to focus on processes, tasks and employees needs. This enables them to maximise the value of data, digital and knowledge. This empowers them to break down silos, spreadsheets and replication that's impeding Local Governments digital journey.

Supporting Local Governments needs with Low Code.

G8CC allows you to manage data within infrastructure that suits your needs, using your own keys, delivering compliance. It empowers Local Governments to put citizens and staff front and centre, enabling faster, better outcomes.

G8CC provides a simple, robust, affordable Low Code framework, that enables Local Governments to start small and easily scale services. Its building-block approach to systems provides a commodity platform, that supports robust, simple, multi-channel systems. It enables you to easily integrate third party solutions, such a visualisation tools, enabling you to maximise the value of current and future tools.

G8CC provides a simple, low risk, structured data management, collaboration, governance and automation Low Code platform consolidating Local Governments multi-channel data needs. You can take a simple tour here. It shows you how you can easily build on the value of collaboration and data.

Contact Us here today, to start your Local Governments Digital Journey to a coherent, informed, agile future. Local Governments in the United Kingdom can easily procure GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) through Governments Digital Marketplace (GCloud11).

Providing the Low Code platform, framework and structured data management solution Local Governments needs to support their processes and tasks.