Digital ensures secure access to trusted data across the Borderless Enterprise, creating agility and empowering productivity.

The enterprise is made up of processes and tasks that get completed across geographic locations and partners. This has led to the Borderless Enterprise and data getting distributed across silos. This distribution of data has led to new silos that impede compliance and productivity.

By harnessing the data strewn across processes and tasks you secure the Borderless Enterprise. That empowers you to detect changes and mitigate risk, driving near real-time outcomes and automation, improving productivity.

Your silos impede the use of data across the borderless enterprise. They've created new challenges for IT to manage. That's because the silos have led to disjointed B2B data sharing and collaboration. This has created new pockets of data. That increases errors, compliance risk, wastage and duplicates time and effort. This impedes business agility, collaboration and productivity, blocking the value that data creates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation to a borderless enterprise. That's because employees have changed to working from home and Supply Chains have got disrupted. This has left Enterprise scrambling to secure, collaborate on and automate across the borderless enterprise.

Digital and its underlying connectivity empowers Enterprise to secure their ecosystem. It allows them to create a single shared source of data. A single source of data ensures Enterprise detects changes, responds quickly and automate processes and tasks. This mitigates risk, lowers cost, reduces errors and ensures business continuity and resilience.

A single source of data gets combined, extended, collaborated on and automated in a unified interface. It enables the enterprise to secure and share governed data with external partners. That secures the borderless enterprise, unlocking the value of data across the Enterprise Ecosystem, increasing productivity.

How to secure data unlocking the value of the Borderless Enterprise.

Digital and its underlying connectivity creates an opportunity to secure the borderless enterprise. It ensures a unique data object gets accessed, shared, combined, collaborated on and automated across distributed processes and tasks. That secures data visibility, improving data management and quality, across geographic locations and partners. This unlocks near real-time data management across the Enterprise ecosystem.

Digital enables fine-grained data access controls. This ensures compliance and governance. That secures data sharing across the Borderless Enterprise.

Digital underlying connectivity allows data to be accessed when and where it's needed. This data gets combined to add value and ensure the right people and/or things have access to trusted, high quality data. This data triggers real-time automation and visualisation across the Borderless Enterprise. That allows the Enterprise and its Partners to detect changes and respond faster. This mitigated risk.

The secure governed, reusable unique data object creates agility, reducing time to value. That is because enterprise partners combine and reuse secure trusted shared data.

G8CC, a solution to secure the Borderless Enterprise, increasing productivity.

G8CC's a simple, innovative, yet powerful shared data solution.

G8CC secures fine-grained access to data, building a distributed single version of data. This empowers you to combine, collaborate on and automate data across the borderless enterprise. That creates agility, reduces errors and mitigates risk.

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G8CC builds a unified data layer over existing database silos, creating a single, shared version of the truth. That allows you to reuse and extend data across existing database silos. This reduces the complexity, risk and time to value when implementing a new solution.

G8CC removes the need to migrate data to a new system. It connects to and reuses data from existing database silos. This reduces downtime and migration cost and complexity.

G8CC has built in connectors for many popular databases used in the Enterprise. This empowers you to secure your Borderless Enterprise faster. These connectors include:

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale your single, shared source of the truth. This empowers you to onboard other Enterprises in your ecosystem easily. That creates agility across the Borderless Enterprise.

G8CC secures the Borderless Enterprise, unlocking value for:

G8CC empowers you to secure data across your Borderless Enterprise. It allows you to unlock the value of shared data, securing resilience and agility.

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your transition to seamless near real-time Borderless Enterprise. We help you to overcome rigid integration and disjointed, costly collaboration. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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Build secure, integrated line of business systems faster across the borderless enterprise with G8CC.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

This supports data compliance. That reduces risk and allows you to integrate it with existing strategies.

Govern data.

This empowers you to reuse and extend data value. That creates faster time to value, supporting collaboration.

Save Money.

Harness and build on the value of data. This empowers you to reduce deliver and ongoing costs.

With G8CC you can develop web services that support the borderless enterprise. This allows you to achieve value faster, building on agility.