The traditional borders that surrounded enterprise have blurred.

This creates new challenges for IT to manage. Their silos, pockets of data and traditional integration blocks outcomes. These increase compliance risk, wastage and duplicate time and effort. That impedes business agility, collaboration and productivity.

Create a connected grid of secure, trusted data that builds value. This empowers secure data to get used in and across traditional borders. That empowers the borderless enterprise to create value.

The business value the borderless enterprise creates.

It allows you to harness the real-time use of data to create value. That empowers agility, collaboration and decisions making.

Smartphones and the connectivity cloud provides creates an opportunity. It enables data to get reused instead of replicated. This allows the seamless creation of structure across traditional borders. That empowers you to extend and govern trusted data across the borderless enterprise.

To achieve this you must break down your silos and move beyond layer of integration. Your silos include line of business databases, spreadsheets and pockets of data. There rigid and static nature blocks value and leaks knowledge within the borderless enterprise. That increases risk and costs, blocking value that data provides.

Harnessing the borderless enterprise.

With G8CC you can harness data and governance to support the borderless enterprise. In the screencast we demonstrate how you can extend data across G8CC platforms. This enables you to build on trust.

Build secure, integrated line of business systems faster across the borderless enterprise with G8CC.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

This supports data compliance. That reduces risk and allows you to integrate it with existing strategies.

Govern data.

This empowers you to reuse and extend data value. That creates faster time to value, supporting collaboration.

Save Money.

Harness and build on the value of data. This empowers you to reduce deliver and ongoing costs.

With G8CC you can develop web services that support the borderless enterprise. This allows you to achieve value faster, building on agility.