Building a source of trusted data.

The patchwork of digitalisation has left organisations with an insecure, replicative data management foundation that leaks knowledge.

A source of trusted data empowers:

  • Faster, higher quality decisions across processes, tasks, departments and organisation boundaries.
  • You to support change management, allowing you to build upon business value.
  • Efficiency savings, maximising the value of digital.
  • Staff members and third parties to access secure, governed information when and where they need it.
  • A clear achievable, agile, vision to build upon.
  • You to build for the future.

Build a source of trusted data to maximise the value of digital and your data quickly.

What is a trusted data source.

Your trusted data source is the foundation that empowers you to build services and analytics for the future. The trusted data source mirrors processes, collaboration, engagement, automation and visualisation across your organisations and integrated with partners. To achieve this Governments and Businesses of all sizes must have a clear vision, removing replication and poor diluted data within processes and tasks.

Achieving a scalable source of trusted data.

Replication facilitates multiple versions of the truth, restricting scalability and increases costs. Multiple versions of the truth breeds mistrust and infects your data source with poor data. This replication is created due to the restrictive, rigid, tightly coupled nature of structured data management. Abstracting replication into clear, concise structured data sources empowers it to be reused and connected to, allowing you to build upon value.

Framework to manage a trusted data source.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple, low risk software framework to manage an agile, decentralised, collaborative, automated source of real-time trusted data. It supports real-time data streams that empower integration with third party tools such as dashboards for visualisation. G8CC's unique governance and data-driven architecture allows you to abstract replication into reusable concise structured data objects (Apps), that allows you to maximise the value of digital and data.

You can trial G8CC's simplicity here, the demo is a interactive, guided tour, allowing you to see how you can build upon the value of a trusted data foundation.