Teamwork between Business and IT supports common goals.

Business and IT need a simple data platform to collaborate upon.

Restrictions in teamwork stems from:

  • Backlog delivering IT systems.
  • Silos created by spreadsheets, impede solution delivery.
  • The struggle IT has extending structured data systems.
  • Lack of understanding between IT and line of business.
  • Dark data that blocks decisions.
  • The cost to deliver structured systems.
  • Buy in from end users.

Remove restrictions using a common platform.

Structured silos and systems are restricting agility. Implementation of these systems within line of business block outcomes and change. To overcome this you need a common platform.

Common platforms such as Office365 are used for email and document management. But, they don't enable you to maximise the value of structured data.

A common platform for structured data has many benefits. These include agility, governance and compliance. It provides a source of trusted data that's simple to extend. This empowers line of business to build upon value.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a common platform. It is simple alternative to the silos and spreadsheets.

Using a common platform to enable agility.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) a simple, low risk common platform. It enables agility, allowing you to reuse and build upon value.

G8CC's focus is on making structured data management simple. It enables teamwork between business and IT. This allows them to collaborate to complete common goals.

G8CC's allows you to build upon and reuse components, data and investment. This remove duplicated effort and cost.

It allows IT to manage software and infrastructure needs. This enables them to deliver compliance, governance and business trust. Its framework provides a flexible way to deliver IT system. This allows faster time to value, with lower total cost of ownership.