Create collaborative, governed services that inspires trust, ongoing value and increase productivity, with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC).

With G8CC Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes can create affordable web services that increase productivity.

Break down silos and spreadsheets that block collaboration. By providing collaboration services that deliver faster time to value and lower ongoing costs.

The silos within line of business IT systems provide a barrier to collaboration.

These barriers restrict collaboration and block added value. They cause the replication of information across silos. This leaks knowledge, impedes decisions and increases risk.

Governments and Businesses need to improve collaboration to create ongoing value.

Collaboration provides value by enabling teams to work efficiently. Knowledge can get trapped with members, this impedes information quality. It is essential to remove these pockets of knowledge, because they impede decisions.

The knowledge trapped within database silos and spreadsheets, must be broken down. This will enable you to release the potential value of your data. It will enable effective collaboration and improve outcomes.

G8CC provides a collaboration service that enables you to break down silos.

With G8CC you can efficiently break down database silos and spreadsheets. It's a simple, proven system that inspires trust and enables governance. This allows Governments and Businesses to focus on process needs.

G8CC is an affordable Collaboration service that's configured to suit your needs. It enables you to integrate with visualisation services. This provides real-time visualised knowledge on a complete data-set. Its built in functionality improves engagement. This reduces risk, because team members get updated on a need to know bases.

You can try G8CC here. It provides a simple, agile, affordable foundation for managing structured data. G8CC inspires trust and enables teams to protect and collaborate information.

Create simple, efficient, collaborative IT services that provide agility and lower total cost of ownership.