Flexible, efficient, low risk Data Integration Layer.

Overcome silos and unlock data flexibility. Lower time to value with our Data Integration Layer.

Your database silos and spreadsheets add risk and cost. A Data Integration Layer reuses your raw data to create agility. That delivers faster outcomes and lowers risk and cost.

Your Data Integration Layer reuses and merges data across your data silos. This provides a secure, governed interface to create agility. That lowers time to value and ongoing cost.

Your patchwork of silos blocks value. Traditional Data Hubs and other systems copy data to another silo in a new format. That is because they are reliant on an "Extract, Transform, Load" process. This adds risk and cost, leaving you with a complicated data architecture.

Digital provides a flexibility that hasn't been harnessed. It allows you to join-up, reuse and extend data value. A Data Integration Layer allows you to harness this value. That empowers you to build on existing investments. This lower delivery risk, time to value and ongoing cost.

Our Data Integration Layer G8CC provides a simple, powerful solution.

G8CC allows you to orchestrate unique, raw data into reusable building blocks. These building blocks are reused to create governed views. The views get reused across IT systems in a distributed data sharing layer.

G8CC's views harness additional functionality such as automation. This allows you to create a real-time automated and reusable Data Integration Layer. That reduces wastage, risk and time to value.

With G8CC you can start small and easily scale your data integration.

How to build a Data Integration Layer.

Firstly you need to know what data to connect. This allows you to consolidate data into a unified views. These view get reused for business intelligence or in new systems.

The connected data will need access management. This supports ongoing compliance.

At GARNET8 Limited we use a branch chart to design a Data Integration Layer. This allows you to demonstrate the design and relationships between data. That provides the foundation for ongoing integration. This reduces complexity, lowering ongoing cost.

G8CC a low risk Data Integration Layer.

G8CC provides simple Low Code Data Integration Layer. It reduces risk and cost, providing a faster time to value.

With G8CC you can integrate and join-up views. These views get used across new systems or to feed business intelligence systems. That unlocks value faster.

G8CC has a simple, efficient, secure Data Sharing Layer. This enables you to connect and reuses data across traditional borders. This unlocks agility, creating resilience.

G8CC's an innovative Data Integration Layer. It provides a simple, low risk solution for:

G8CC allows you to easily integrate existing data sources. G8CC has built in connectors for:

Easily build a Data Integration Layer.

The screencast below demonstrates the process to build a Data Integration Layer with G8CC. It shows how you can easily build a solution that unlocks ongoing value.

GARNET8 Limited can support your ongoing digital journey. We developed G8CC from the ground up to create an innovative Enterprise Data Collection Layer. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provided Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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