How to build a simple Data Integration Layer with G8CC.

G8CC enables simple integration across multiple datasets. It builds a unified view of data that's easy to combine and link/connect-up. This creates a simple, yet powerful Data Integration Layer.

Firstly, why use G8CC to create a Data Integration Layer?

G8CC has a low learning curve and can demonstrate value quickly. This lowers risk and cost when building your Data Integration Layer.

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale your Data Integration Layer. That speeds up time to value, lowering ongoing costs. This allows you to secure ongoing data integration.

G8CC makes it simple to combine, integrate and link/connect-up data. G8CC harnesses unique data objects. These data objects get combined, integrated and linked/connected-up. This empowers you to continuously integrate data. That lowers delivery risk and cost, reducing time to value.

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G8CC harnesses data objects with flexible access management. This allows departments and partners to contribute trusted, secure, compliant data to the integration layer. That builds trust and secures ongoing value.

G8CC has built in connectors for many data sets. This allows you to quickly connect to and reuse existing data. That removes the need to copy data to a new silo. This reduces complexity, saving you time and money. That improves data quality and integrity.

G8CC has built in database connectors for:

G8CC makes integration simple. This allows you to do more for less. It creates a scalable, powerful Data Integration Layer. You can contact us here today and start your journey to unlocking value across datasets.

How do you get started creating a Data Integration Layer with G8CC?

G8CC allows you to focus on data needs. These being:

  • Where the data is stored for compliance purposes.
  • How the data gets combined or linked/connected-up to add value.
  • What data can be added to increase value.
  • When to integrate other systems. Such as visualisation tools.

Once you understand the basic needs to start your Data Integration Layer. You can define your G8CC Apps. Your G8CC Apps can reuse data from one or more data sources. The reused data isn't duplicated to G8CC's internal storage. Instead it gets combined at the point of request. This creates a zero copy Data Integration Layer.

G8CC Apps manage data structures and access across your Data Integration Layer. You can embed data across Apps. The use of App data gets defined by the access management. A G8CC App can have multiple views. This allows you to only share the data needed. That secures ongoing Data Management and security.

G8CC allows you to reduce ongoing risks, by enabling continuous data integration. You can embed one or more fields across your Apps.

For the next step, we recommend using a basic UML diagram. This allows you to define:

  • The data sources.
  • Each App structure with field names.
  • How the Apps link/connect-up.
  • What data gets embedded across each App.

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This defines the basic structure of your Data Integration Layer. This is simple to build in G8CC. You build Apps using G8CC's low code builder. This enables you to define structures faster at a lower cost.

An example UML diagram can be found below.

You can use existing skills such as SQL to reuse data from existing databases.

The use of existing skills and G8CC Low Code builder reduces technical debt. That allows you to lower risk and time to value when creating your Data Integration Layer. That saves time and money.

You can learn more about our Low Code app builder here.

G8CC creates a unified interface to data management. It creates a Data Integration Layer that's simple to deliver and scale. You can contact us here today to unlock the value of your Data Integration Layer.

Why do you need our Data Integration Layer?

Data has become strewn across database silos and third party tools. That's because data gets driven into disjointed data sharing and collaboration processes. These processes copy data into new silos and increase the risk of a data breach.

Other solutions such as Data Hubs and Data Warehouses have created a new centralised data silo. That's because these solutions are reliant on moving/copying data to a new silo to manage it. That reduces trust and blocks the amount of data that gets contributed. This is because the data owner loses physical and logical control of their information.

Systems that duplicate data into new silos add costs and don't harness the flexibility that digital provides. They impede data integrity and lead to the risk of a data breach.

Your Business or Government Department can reduce costs by selecting a solution that prioritises access to data. Digital allows that data to get combined without the need to copy or move it to a new silo. This combination at the point of request reduces complexity.

A Data Integration Layer allows you to combine, link/connect-up data at the point of request. The Data Integration Layer can span a laterally scaling number of databases with relatively little compute. This is when you compare it to a new Data Hub or Warehouse. This also makes it a greener, more environmentally friendly solution.

Removing the Extract, Transfer and Load process, the amount of compute needed and the complexity these two things create, reducing risk, time to value and ongoing costs. That creates agility, allowing you to do more for less.

G8CC our simple, yet powerful Data Integration Layer harnesses digital flexibility to add value to data, without compromising its integrity.

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G8CC a simple, scalable Data Integration Layer for:

How can we help you implement your Data Integration Layer?

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your ongoing digital journey. We developed G8CC from the ground up to create an innovative Data Integration Layer. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provided Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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