Build on and extend the value of APIs.

Consume, govern and collaborate on API data and easily integrate functional APIs.

The simple API framework that empowers you to:

  • Pull data from multiple sources into a seamless form.
  • Easily govern data management.
  • Collaborate on trusted data.
  • Integrate functionality.

Build trust and value. Create an agile interface to your trusted data sources. Extend existing investments and securely consume data.

API or Application Programming Interface is a digital endpoint. These endpoints can return data, do a task or both.

Collaborate and Govern API Data.

Pull in and govern data in a seamless structured form. This allows you to consume data from multiple API. That enables you to build on value and govern the data usage. This is achieved within and across traditional borders in Government and Enterprise. That reduces costs and wastage. It removes the need for employees to chase knowledge. That improves agility, streamlines processes and reduces risk.

Consume data from one or more API in a seamless form. Govern and collaborate on the information within and across traditional borders. This allows Government and Business to extend the value of their API.

Integrate Functional APIs.

Route to and integrate functional APIs. Funcational APIs are services that do something. These differ from data APIs that return values. These APIs are visualisation or learning tools and third party systems. You can define one or multiple API endpoints. These are then triggered when information gets created or edited. You can add or remove endpoints within live systems. That increases IT agility.

Integrate one or more API endpoints. This allows Government and Business to get the greatest value from functional API. That enables them to easily support business change.

The simple API framework.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple API framework. It allows you to build on the value exposed by APIs. Its can be deployed within infrastructure that suits your needs. This supports compliance and empowers you to control your services. This provides agility, flexibility and ongoing value.

A simple solution to create an agile interface to API endpoints.