Easily share data without a loss of trust.

Enabling Collaboration, Governance and Engagement within a simple secure data sharing framework that empowers line of business processes and tasks.

Silos, spreadsheets and replications is impeding processes.

Portals, Spreadsheets, Databases, Bespoke IT systems and SaaS create silos across line of business processes and tasks. Use of replication through Email and third party tools to collaborate beyond these silos create additional silos and loss of context and trust.

Organisations have turned to Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), but theses have increased costs and replicated data across databases and solutions. These haven't tackled the underlying problem of silos, governance, rigid IT systems and outdated thinking.

These solutions have replicated the processes that supported paper forms, filing cabinets, fax and snail mail, they aren't maximising the value of data or digital.

Empowering you to share data breaking down silos and spreadsheets.

The internet allows sub second request to end points around the world. This enables Governments and Businesses of all sizes to build new data-driven, governed IT systems. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a software framework that empowers organisation to maximise the value of the internet, structured data and digital.

G8CC enables organisations to build agile, bespoke structured data systems that start small and easily scale. It enables organisations to share data through the governed reuse of structured information. This empowers organisations to build upon the value of structured data and investment, supporting faster time-to-value.

Take our tour here to see how G8CC allows organisations to maximise the value of structured data and digital.

G8CC can empower your organisation to break down silos and spreadsheets, enabling trusted data sharing, within a simple, low risk framework that maximises the value of data and digital. Take our tour here to see how easily you can get started.