Empowering Collaboration and Governance.

Data's the life blood of Governments and Businesses of all sizes. But, they face considerable challenges when collaborating and implementing governance. Challenges such as:

  • Compliance.
  • Security and access management.
  • Collaboration on structured information.
  • Building trust within and across organisation boundaries.
  • Lost knowledge due to replication and overwritten data.
  • Changes in working practises, with flexible working environments and mobile devices.
  • Keeping up with process and task needs.
  • Delivering real-time services, decisions and access to information when and where people need it.
  • Managing the huge influx of data being created.

The problem and how to overcome it, to empower collaboration and governance.

The above challenges are impeding organisations, restricting their digital transformations and ongoing journey. They need a coherent data management and governance foundation that's easy build upon.

Patchwork of data impeding Collaboration and Governance.

The patchwork of paper, digitalisation, spreadsheets and extract, transfer and load processes breed duplication, leaking knowledge, within disjointed data management. This has lead to an industry of replication that's shackled organisations to silos and third party tools to replicate information and collaboration. Tools such as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and unstructured tools like email to collaborate. These tools imped agility, risk compliance and increase costs, wasting time and money.

Build secure, governed web services faster.

Breakdown the patchwork of collaboration and governance. Build agile, secure, trusted, agile web services faster with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC).

Implementing coherent Collaboration and Governance.

Your organisation needs a solution that provides the best of multiple solutions without the replication. This will empower collaboration, governance and automation, encapsulating trusted data. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) was built from the ground up with the premise to enable collaboration, governance, automation, compliance and trust around a single piece of information. This information could be collaborated on and reused across distributed services and systems, but not replicated or overwritten. The outcomes of this means organisations can focus on process and task needs, without the loss of trust, knowledge or wastage.

G8CC provides a coherent real-time wrapper that empowers organisation to manage and quickly build upon the life blood of their organisation. This empowers them to collaborate, within compliance and governance restrictions, providing agility, lowering risk and costs, removing wastage.