Harness Data Governance to unlock secure, trusted Collaboration.

Your silos and data governance impedes collaboration. The silos and inflexible data governance creates pockets of data. This creates multiple versions of the truth. That impedes decisions, data governance and compliance.

Data Governance is a key element to unlock collaboration. It defines how others can use and collaborate on data. Data Governance secures the use of data.

Data Governance underpins:

  • Ownership.
  • Accessibility.
  • Security.
  • Data Quality.
  • Knowledge.

These are all things that enable collaboration. The patchwork created by Digital Transformation has impeded Data Governance. It has created pockets of Data Governance and Collaboration. This has left the Public Sector and Business chasing knowledge.

Many organizations have looked to centralized systems. These are Data Hubs and Warehouses. They rely on extracting data from one place and replicating it to another. This has created another silo. That hasn't harnessed the flexibility that digital provides.

Digital provides an opportunity for Data Governance and Collaboration. But, this opportunity hasn't been harnessed.

Data Governance and Collaboration; a new model.

Many see Collaboration as a key element for Data Governance. But, this is the wrong way round. That is because Governance controls access and actions that get undertaken on data. This supports Collaboration.

The use of a flexible, secure data governance layer unlocks collaboration.

The layer wraps unique data with access controls. This enables reuse and collaboration on data. That creates agility. This is because you can build on trusted data. That removes the need to sync it across databases.

Data Governance underpins Collaboration. By harnessing data governance you improve collaboration, this intern increases data quality.

A simple, flexible Data Governance and Collaboration Layer.

G8CC provides a simple, yet powerful solution. It allows you to harness and build on existing data sources.

G8CC wraps existing data sources in a secure access wrapper. This allows you to share trusted data across traditional borders. This unlocks Public Sector and B2B data integration.

G8CC controls actions on data, this enables Collaboration.

G8CC has a low learning curve, providing a faster time to value. With G8CC you can start small and easily scale. This lowers delivers and ongoing cost.

G8CC creates a competitive advantage for:

G8CC provides the foundation for:

GARNET8 Limited can support your ongoing digital journey. We developed G8CC from the ground up to create an innovative Enterprise Data Collection Layer. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provided Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

Contact GARNET8 Limited today. Start your journey to simple, scalable and trusted Data Governance and Collaboration Layer.