Empowering your cloud migration, delivering value faster.

Challenges your cloud migration may encounter are:

  • Lack of security expertise will leave your Cloud Migration vulnerable.
  • Infrastructure sprawl or high system overheads that will increase your bills.
  • Infrastructure lock-in, restricting your agility and ability to enable future change.
  • Compliance for confidential data in production and backups. Your need to understand the data centres jurisdiction and where systems can be mirrored.
  • Future business change, a Software as a Solution (SaaS) that suits your need now may restrict future business change. This reduces your ability, costing time and money, increasing wastage.
  • Cost to adapt line of business processes and tasks.
  • Getting caught up in the hype. Does your organisation need that 'shiny thing'? or is it an additional cost, with lack of expertise to deliver and manage.

Cloud Migration provides opportunities and benefits, but you must first understand your needs, expertise and objectives.

Understanding your Cloud Migration Objectives.

Your Cloud Migration can reduce costs, providing agility, flexibility and increased productivity. This allows you to accelerates your Digital Journey.

But, your business objectives must dictate your Cloud Migration and not technology hype. This can be to break down silos to improve communication or to overcome mass data fragmentation. But, without a clear understanding of process and task needs, your Cloud Migration can easily fail, overrun, run out of budget or deliver the same just in a different place.

Your cloud migration provides an opportunity to modernise your data estate.

Understanding how data and information is used within and across processes and tasks provides a foundation for your Cloud Migration. This will enable collaboration, governance, automation, security and compliance needs, allowing you to build upon investment, easily supporting business change.

Simple solution accelerating your Cloud Migration.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) allows you to deliver faster, higher returns, supporting ongoing business change and compliance. It enables you to reuse and build upon investment, allowing you to focus on business needs, using existing expertise within your Government Institutions or Business.

G8CC provides a simple platform and framework that empowers you to unbundle silos and spreadsheets, accelerating collaboration, with enhanced governance. This allows you to mirror processes and tasks with data and information that empowers employees to make faster, higher quality decisions.

G8CC's ability to reuse, extend and connect data within and across systems allows you to easily enable ongoing business change.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple foundation to support your Cloud Migration and ongoing business change, increasing business value.