Facilitating the delivery of Web Services.

Empowering Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes to deliver collaborative, governed, automated, trusted Web Services that are simple to extend.

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Current Structured Data Management is impeding Organisations.

Whether on-premises or in web services structured data managements rigid, static, replicative nature is impeding an organisations ability to extend and build upon data, investments and business value.

Managing data within Web Services.

Trusted data underpins your organisation future.

Competitive advantage is built upon your organisations ability to maximise the value of its data. This means your organisation need to be able to collaborate on, reuse and share governed trusted information easily within and across their boundaries.

The connectivity that underpins Web Services and the flexibility digital provides can empower your organisation to break down silos and Spreadsheets. These have contributed to mistrust and dark data within your organisation.

This transformation provides an opportunity to create Decentralised Web Services that empower the usage of structured, trusted data across your organisation and its boundaries.

Building block to deliver Decentralised Web Services.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) enables your organisation to harness the power of connectivity and digital. This empowers you to maximise the value of your data and the flexibility digital enables.

G8CC builds upon the webs connectivity to create a just in case data model. This allows a single version of the truth to be reused and extended across services, platforms and infrastructure, without replication.

G8CC utilises the flexibility that digital provides to empower a data-driven governance model. This allows your organisation to collaborate on, reuse and extend a single version of the truth, improving data quality and compliance.

G8CC's Apps become the building blocks containing data, governance and structures that empowers your organisation to easily build Decentralised, Data-Driven Web Services.

Easily build secure, agile Web Services with G8CC.

G8CC providing the foundation for Multi-Cloud Decentralised Web Services.

G8CC provides the Software Framework, Platform and underlying Peer-to-Peer network that empowers you to build Web Services that mirror your processes and tasks with trusted structured information.

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