A cost effective, simple form builder and platform.

Boost the value of your data with IT systems that are simple to extend.

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Increase the value of your data with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC).

Your inconsistent data blocks your future.

The silos and spreadsheets you use to manage structured data increases cost and risk. They increase costs because of the duplicated effort and management overheads. The risk increases due to replication and data differences. This creates governance and compliance risks. Poor data leads to poor decisions made on inconsistent data.

Managing data in this way make it difficult to reuse and extend systems. This means you aren't maximising the value of digital or data.

You can boost the value of digital with a form builder and data governance platform. It will allow you to share and extend data and components. This means you can increase the value of your digital assets.

Maximise the value of your digital assets.

G8CC provides a low risk way to increase the value of your data. It provides a form builder and platform to manage structured data.

Its simple form builder allows you to create concise form structures. These structures become the building blocks that you reuse and extend to create IT systems.

You take these building blocks and apply rules for data sharing. This allows you to create and reuse a single version of the truth. This empowers the flexible use of trusted information within a simple platform.

G8CC makes it simple to transform. Try G8CC here to see how you can consolidate the value of your digital assets.

Create and extend digital value.

Build collaborative systems faster. Use G8CC's simple form builder to create and extend value. That empowers you to support IT challenges faster at a lower cost.

G8CC provides a simple and efficient form builder and data management solution. It enables Governments and Businesses of all sizes to maximise the value of their data.