Improve Supply Chain collaboration by harnessing data.

Data provides a real-time opportunity for Supply Chains. It allows changes to get communicated across supply chain members. This improves real-time collaboration and engagement.

Silos and disjointed collaboration block value in Supply Chains. These impede the value of digital. That leaves supply chain members chasing knowledge, increasing errors and cost.

The disjointed data management in Supply Chains blocks collaboration. It drives supply chain members to use third party tools. This replicates data across services, that impedes knowledge.

Supply Chains members have sought out Data Hubs and EDI solutions. But, these have increased complexity. That is because they sync data. This causes data to be copied to new places in different format.

Digital and connectivity provide an opportunity. This opportunity hasn't been harnessed in Multi-Enterprise supply chains. To unlock this supply chains must harness data.

By harnessing data that can unlock real-time engagement and collaboration. That is because they can trigger engagement when data changes. This enables supply chain members to automate processes and collaborate in real-time. That reduces risk across supply chain members, unlocking real-time decision making.

How to improve Supply Chain collaboration.

To improve Supply Chain collaboration supply chain members have to mirror tasks and processes with trusted data.

This data can then trigger collaboration when it changes. That reduces risk. This allows supply chain members to collaborate faster, with a better understanding. That improves decisions and outcomes.

Collaboration should get joined to the data that mirrors tasks and processes. This allows supply chain members to find trusted data faster. This builds a better understanding. That allows supply chain members to improve tasks and processes.

By improving Supply Chain collaboration, members can drive efficiencies across their supply chains.

Simple solution to improve Supply Chain collaboration.

G8CC is a simple, yet extremely powerful distributed data platform. It harnesses data in an asynchronous network. This allows supply chain members to securely share and access data when and where they need it.

G8CC mirrors supply chain tasks and processes with integrated, joined-up data.

G8CC builds on existing investments. It can connect to and reuse data from silos in supply chains. This securely unlocks supply chain integration. Its asynchronous network aggregates data into view. This means supply chain members aren't constantly syncing data. This vastly reduces complexity.

G8CC creates agility and resilience in your supply chain. This lowers time to value and ongoing costs. That is because you can constantly reuse, join-up and re-purpose trusted data.

G8CC's a simple framework harness data and unlock collaboration. It provides a simple supply chain collaboration platform that attaches collaboration to data created in tasks and processes. This allows supply chain members to focus on needs. That creates value faster.

With G8CC supply chains can trigger real-time engagement. This allows them to create a competitive advantage that outperforms competitors.

GARNET8's experience allows us to support your journey. We can:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

With G8CC you can start small and easily scale. That reduce risk for you. Contact GARNET8 Limited today. Start your journey to a simple, scalable, collaborative supply chain.


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