iPaaS is shackling you to higher costs.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) doesn't empower your organisation to evolve because:

  • iPaaS only shackles your organisation to silo based integration.
  • Its tightly coupled design makes it difficult to manage, increasing costs.
  • The use of replication impedes governance, security and compliance.
  • It becomes cumbersome, problematic and difficult to manage as it scales.
  • iPaaS doesn't improve collaboration, engagement or line of business processes or tasks, it only adds additional layers of cost.

Organisations need a data-centric foundation that empowers them to act on information.

Products such as Dell Boomi and Mulesoft focus on synchronising data across the Enterprise through a Master Data Hub. Our solution GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) focus on enabling the reuse of single data object within an Enterprise and across its boundaries.

It's a next generation product that supports the concept of a border less enterprise.

Its low level, fine grained governance architecture and peer-to-peer nature enables organisations to reuse and build upon informations value. This moves organisations beyond synchronising data, enabling faster business change, improved collaboration, stringent compliance and higher quality decisions, allowing organisations to focus on process and task needs

Evolving beyond iPaaS and Integration Tools.

Whether ESB, iPaaS or Bespoke Glue, it's outdated. These technologies don't fulfil the needs within modern "data-backed" organisations. Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes need a modern, distributed data-centric foundation that empowers them to act on information. The ability for them to act on information drives them towards becoming data-driven. This enables them to evolve and build on the value of information, instead of recreating business and IT debt.

A data-centric solution beyond "Integration".

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) empowers organisations to create and evolve a coherent, scalable and simple "data-backed" foundation. G8CC's unique selling point is its ability to build upon the value of information, within a governed, coherent, secure, distributed data management infrastructure. This empowers organisations to easily extend the value within line of business systems and visualisation tools, moving organisations beyond the recurring wheel of debt and layers of cost.

Take your first steps to becoming a data-backed organisation beyond iPaaS and messy integration, you can:

  • Take our simple tour to see how you evolve beyond IT debt to a low risk, simple, coherent data-backed organisation.
  • Contact us to see how we can empower you to take simple, low risk steps to a coherent, data-backed organisation.

G8CC provides you with a simple, low risk solution that creates a coherent, data-backed foundation, that empowers you to become a data-centric and data-driven organisation.