An integrated data platform unlocks value.

Your silos increase wastage and block business agility. An integrated data management platform unleashes agility. It allows you to lower ongoing costs.

The Public Sector and Businesses of sizes can benefit from an integrated data management platform.

Your database and legacy silos increase wastage, risk and cost. You've invested in Data Warehouses and Data Hubs. But, these have created a new silo. These silos are increasing risk and cost. That is blocking agility.

An integrated data platform removes the need to copy data to a new format. This harnesses existing value in your database silos. The integrated data management platform unlocks agility. It empowers you to reuse and re-purpose data to build value faster.

Your need for a secure integrated data management platform.

You've undertaken a digital transformation. But, this has left you with a patchwork of digital silos. These block the value that digital provides. An integrated data management platform unleashes digital value.

Your database and legacy silos increase complexity. This blocks agility. That increases time and cost when delivering new systems. Your new integrate data platform helps you over come this. It allows you to integrate, join-up and extend data value. That reduces delivery and ongoing costs. This provides an affordable way to modernise your legacy databases.

An integrated data platform releases value from resources. It allows you to integrate databases and APIs. That unlocks silos and builds trust. G8CC creates agility and data mobility. That delivers faster time to value and reduces ongoing costs.

An integrate data platform that harnesses digital value.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) is a simple solution. It provides a simple integrated data management platform. G8CC is simple to customise.

G8CC provides a resource to reduce complexity. This enables you to focus on process and task needs. That allows you to integrate data faster. This ensures the highest quality data gets used throughout your organsation.

G8CC supports a secure, flexible governance layer. This breaks down traditional borders around silos and businesses. That enables secure, trusted data to a flow across borderless enterprise. This releases value in an integrated data management platform.

Using G8CC opens up new opportunities for Governments, Supply Chains, Healthcare and Businesses of all sizes. It's an innovate solution that empowers you to save time and money.

With G8CC you can overcome challenges and reduce risks. That empowers you to focus on needs within line of business processes.

Unlock data value with an integrated data platform. Deliver value faster, reducing ongoing costs.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

This supports data compliance. That reduces risk and allows you to integrate it with existing strategies.

Suppport enterprise security.

G8CC supports encryption and secure requests by default. That reduces risk of miss configurations.

Build on value.

Integrate and build on existing APIs and data. That allows you to get the greatest value from your G8CC services.

With G8CC you can easily build integrated software applications. This harness value within data and APIs. That allows you to build on investments, getting the greatest value from your resources.