To achieve a successful digital transformation you must overcome splits in data.

These splits cause mass data fragmentation and block your future. This is because:

  • Data in personal and line of business silos hinders its use.
  • It lacks trust and governance, leading to compliance risk.
  • Data is delivering an incomplete picture, leaking knowledge.
  • Poor data drives poor insight, leading to poor decisions.
  • Data is the new oil, with it fragmented you will only splutter along.

You must empower the usage of data to boost its value.

What caused mass data fragmentation?

The jumbled transition to digital has created silos and layer of replication. The rigid patchwork supports static silos that block data usage. This has added layers of software, management and duplication which increases costs and wastage.

This transition hasn't maximised the value of data. This is because the transition hasn't built on the flexibility digital offers. Government and Business have recreated the rigid, static nature of paper in a digital version.

For Government and Business to get the most value they must reuse and extend data. This will allow them to control governance and build on value.

Overcoming the mass data fragmentation.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple, yet powerful solution. It empowers you to consolidate the mass data fragmentation. This allows you to build and share reusable data across processes and tasks.

The ability to extend and build on data allows you to boost its value. This is because you aren't managing multiple versions or silos. It builds trust and enables collaboration. This increases data value and quality.

G8CC provides an integrated foundation so you can overcome data fragmentation. With G8CC you can start small and scale. The is allows you to transform beyond silos to maximise the value of digital and data.

To see how you can easily transition to a coherent, integrated, extendible data foundation try G8CC here.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) allowing you to overcome mass data fragmentation to create a simple, agile future.