Collaborative networks are a group of organisations working together to deliver a common goal.

Harnessing digital, enables a collaborative networks to:

  • Drive efficiencies within and across organisations boundaries.
  • Reduce duplication.
  • Support a holistic approach to delivering process and task needs.
  • Improve data quality and consistency.
  • Access coherent, up to date, governed information.
  • Govern collaborative information without a loss of trust.
  • Build upon value delivering outcomes faster.

Data is the bedrock that empowers collaborative networks.

Challenges within collaborative networks.

Challenges arise as collaborative networks evolve. These include process performance and data management. Poor quality or lack of data impedes process performance. But, data governance, compliance and security must be processes bedrock.

Organisations must maximise the value of digital and data. This will enable them to overcome these challenges building a borderless enterprise. Digital provides agility and flexibility. The contribution of trusted structured data creates business value. Its reuse empowers trust and governance. This improves processes performance, data quality and decisions.

Maximise value within a collaborative networks.

Maximise the networks value with GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC). It harnesses the flexibility of digital increasing data value. G8CC's governance model allows organisations to share secure data.

G8CC's a simple, low risk platform and software framework. G8CC facilitates reusing data, supporting collaboration. It enables engagement, automation and real-time data streams. Supporting processes with coherent, high quality data.

G8CC provides a flexible, common platform for collaborative networks.