Secure Enterprise Collaboration and ensure the seamless use of trusted data.

With our Secure Enterprise Collaboration Platform G8CC you can govern, access, combine, integrate, link/connect-up and collaborate on data without compromising its integrity.

Digital flexibility enables the seamless use of data, securing Enterprise Collaboration and creating agility to support business change.


Lines of business, database and partner silos block Secure Enterprise Collaboration. They've driven collaboration and data sharing into disjointed processes. These processes increase errors, wastage, risk and cost.

These silos increase the risk of a data breach. That's because they cause data to get moved or copied across databases and personal silos to enable Enterprise Collaboration. This hasn't secured digital flexibility to enable the seamless use of data. That impedes decisions, agility, integrity and data value.

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Your digital transformation hasn't harnessed the flexibility digital provides. Digital Transformation has recreated paper based silos into a digital format. These silos are explained with:

  • Filing cabinets becoming database silos.
  • Paper ledgers getting swapped for spreadsheets.
  • Phone, letters and fax merging into email, IM and sync based tools.

This is blocking Secure Enterprise Collaboration.

Digital provides an opportunity to unlock integrated Secure Enterprise Collaboration. It can bridge the gap between Collaboration and Database silos. This secure data visibility, near real-time data sharing and engagement. That reduces risk and allows you to outperform competitors.

A unified data platform creates a competitive advantage. It empowers you to build a collaborative, automated and agile foundation that secures enterprise collaboration.

Integrated Secure Enterprise Collaboration.

Integrated Secure Enterprise Collaboration reduces risk. It empowers you to combine and govern trusted data. That unlocks secure data access and compliance. This empowers you to secure data sharing, build on existing investments and lower ongoing costs.

To unlock the value of Secure Enterprise Collaboration you must support fine-grained access to data. That allows you to secure, compliant, seamless data sharing and collaboration processes. That supports trust and visibility, improving data quality, collaboration and decisions.

A data sharing layer unlocks an opportunity for Secure Enterprise Collaboration. The layer integrates existing database silos allowing you to combine and collaborate on existing investments. It allows collaboration to extend data across processes. This creates a secure data collaboration system across your lines of business and partners.

A distributed data mesh secures enterprise collaboration and creates agility. That creates new opportunities to enable near real-time engagement and collaboration. This empowers you to outperform competitors, creating a competitive advantage.

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A Secure Enterprise Collaboration Platform.

G8CC is a distributed shared data solution that creates a data mesh securing enterprise collaboration across lines of business and partners. It empowers you to extend the value of data with collaboration. That creates a competitive advantage.

G8CC creates a powerful, flexible, unified, integrated collaboration platform. That allows Multiple Enterprise to govern, integrate and collaborate on data. That unlocks the flexibility and near real-time capabilities of digital.

G8CC delivers an opportunity for Secure Enterprise Collaboration. It empowers you to build on and integrate existing database silos. That allows you to harness existing investments. This delivers a faster time to value, lowering ongoing costs.

G8CC includes database connectors for many popular databases used in the Enterprise. It has connectors for:

G8CC provides a simple, powerful way to unlock secure integrated collaboration. This improves data quality and visibility. That delivers better faster decisions.

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale your Secure Enterprise Collaboration system. This reduces risk when introducing a new solution.

With G8CC you outperform competitors. It provides an opportunity for:

GARNET8's experience allows us to support your journey. We can:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

These provide an affordable, simple, low risk way to modernise your data platform. That increase business agility, unlocking value.

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