Modernise and consolidate line of business Apps to reduce wastage and costs.

Increase agility and productivity, by harnessing the value of digital and data.

It provides an opportunity for Government and Business because they can:

  • Increase agility, supporting faster time to value.
  • Harness new technologies, improving decisions.
  • Improve governance and collaboration, reducing risk.
  • Release value across line of business tasks, supporting faster outcomes.
  • Support processes with secure, trusted information, improving compliance.
  • Remove the pockets of knowledge and data, reducing wastage and lost time.
  • Meet IT challenges, enabling them to support their tasks changing needs.

Meet your IT challenges and line of business changing needs. Support a simple, coherent transformation across line of business Apps. Meet demands, reduce risk and build an agile ongoing future.

Challenges when delivering line of business apps.

Government and Business face many challenges when delivering line of business Apps. These include:

  • Decisions between using off the shelf Apps or bespoke systems.
  • Costs associated with personalising a product if needed.
  • Disruption the migration will cause.
  • Cost of additional training.
  • Concerns about the product being able to scale.
  • Reworking the product after delivery.
  • Compliance issues and what if the law changes. How much will it cost to support.
  • Integrating it with API to build on value.
  • People change. How will it be maintained if they leave or change positions.
  • Time to value, return on investement and chances of failure.

A platform approach allows Government and Business to overcome many of these challenges. It supports the best of two worlds. A platform allows organisations to use an off the shelf product that is simple to personalise.

A platform to build an agile ongoing future.

The demo belows shows the speed and ease at which you can build integrated line of business Apps. This allows you to overcome many challenges, reducing risk.

Maximise the value of digital and build on the value of data and APIs. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a platform that empowers your transformation.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC), a platform to meet your IT challenges. With it build line of business Apps that save you time and money.

Deploy anywhere.

This supports data compliance. That reduces risk and allows you to integrate it with existing strategies.

Enterprise security.

G8CC supports encryption and secure requests by default. That reduces risk of miss configurations.

Build on value.

Integrate and build on existing API. That allows you to get the greatest value from services.

Build and extend line of business Apps faster. Easily integrate APIs, that allows you to build on existing value. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) a platform for line of business Apps.