A Secure Multi-Cloud data layer empowers integration.

Database silos on-premises impede value. A multi-cloud infrastructure creates new silos. This blocks outcomes and decisions. A secure Multi-Cloud data layer integrates data creating value.

A Multi-Cloud data integration layer built for you.

A simple, proven and extremely powerful solution to unlock Multi-Cloud data integration.

Easily integrate and extend data across Multi-Cloud infrastructure. Deliver value faster, building on investment, saving time and money.

With G8CC you can easily join-up and extend data across Multi-Cloud silos. This delivers IT governance and business agility. That supports faster time to value, lowering ongoing costs.

Your Multi-Cloud infrastructure creates many challenges.

These challenges include new silos in Cloud infrastructure. Traditional data hubs and warehouse have created new silos. These have become cumbersome and hard to extend. That impedes agility.

Traditional integration impedes agility because is relies on an "extract" process. The extract, transfer, load process copies data from one system to another. That creates new compliance and management headaches.

Digital and the connectivity that supports Cloud provides an opportunity. It empowers agility, reusing a single data object of the truth. This data objects gets joined-to, automated and extend. That releases the flexibility digital provides.

With G8CC you harness this flexibility. It provides a Multi-Cloud data integration layer.

G8CC a Multi-Cloud data integration layer built for you.

Unlock agility, creating a 360 degree view of your structured data.

You have new and existing databases in your Multi-Cloud infrastructure. These databases create silos and impede knowledge and agility.

With G8CC you can connect to and securely release data value. It provides a secure data sharing layer. This empowers you to joined-up and extend data, creating value and agility. G8CC uses views to manage access and structure. These views get used in line of business systems or visualisation systems.

That unlocks agility. This is because you can reuse views for multiple things.

G8CC encapsulates two functionality. It provides a:

A distributed data sharing layer mixed a middleware platform unlocks agility.

G8CC provides a simple, low risk solution for:

GARNET8's experience allows us to support your journey. We can:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

These provide an affordable, simple, low risk way to modernise your data platform. That increase business agility, unlocking value.

Contact GARNET8 today. Start your journey to a modern, agile foundation that supports current and future B2B integration needs.

Secure, scalable, solution to unlock Multi-Cloud data integration.

A proven software framework that harnesses the flexibility of digital.

Harness your data in Multi-Cloud infrastructure. Unlock agility, lowering costs with G8CC. A Multi-Cloud data integration layer.

Contact us here today to create a Multi-Cloud data integration layer that suits your needs.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

Deploy our Application Platform on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, private cloud.

Access Management.

G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.

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