Build agile, integrated IT systems 30x faster within our multi-cloud platform.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) is an efficient, coherent, extendable Multi-Cloud platform. It empowers you to create value faster by extending integrated data.

Empower agility and inspire trust. Deliver faster time to value and lower ongoing costs. All within an affordable Multi Cloud platform.

Why aren't Government or Business maximise the value of Cloud IaaS?

Cloud creates many opportunities for Government and Business. But, as they move to Cloud IaaS their silos spread across provides. This doesn't maximise the value of Cloud IaaS. It impairs governance and compliance, increases risk and leads to fragmented data.

The use of integration systems such as iPaaS and ESB adds cost. This replicates what you have on-premise to a different location. That hasn't transformed or modernised your data management. It has mirrored the setup in a different place.

To maximise the value of Cloud organisations need to be able to build on value. Moving to Cloud IaaS provides an opportunity to modify the data estate. This increases efficiencies, inspires trust and supports ongoing agility.

The multi-cloud platform that empowers you to maximise the value of Cloud IaaS.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) empowers productivity. It allows Government and Business to govern and build on the value of data. This empowers faster time to value and lower ongoing costs. That allows IT to support process with effective data management systems.

G8CC focuses on harnessing data. This empowers organisations to maximise the value of digital. It provides an efficient way for organisations to:

  • Govern and collaborate on data across Cloud IaaS.
  • Build Multi-Cloud IT systems.
  • Support data compliance, within a trusted Multi-Cloud system.

G8CC provides the tool-kit to create a Multi-Cloud PaaS that suits your needs.

Make it simple to extend IT systems across Multi Cloud infrastructure. Use GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) to handle governance and collaboration. This empowers you to focus on process needs, to build value.