Supporting your Multi Cloud Strategy.

Our solution empowers Collaboration within your Multi Cloud Strategy because it:

  • Reduces complexity allowing you to focus on outcomes.
  • Allows you to serve information close to people and things who need it.
  • Doesn't replicate data across storage or infrastructure, allowing you to provide stringent compliance, while supporting collaboration.
  • Provides an audit trail across Multi Cloud infrastructure.
  • Empowers you to build upon and easily integrate cloud provider specific capabilities.
  • Enables you to build upon the value of data across cloud infrastructure within a trusted, governed, collaborative foundation.
  • Allows you to secure sensitive data within known infrastructure, using your own keys and additional security.
  • Grants you the capabilities to control, automate and extend business critical work-flows and visualisation.

Your Government Department or Business will benefit from a coherent, collaborative, governed and automated Multi Cloud strategy.

Multi Cloud Data Storage and Governance.

Replication of data increases duplication, wastage and costs. This leads to unknown governance, security issues, mass data fragmentation and multiple versions of the truth. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a peer-2-peer layer that creates a Multi Cloud Storage, Governance and Audit Trail across infrastructure. This layer provides Collaboration and Governance around a single data object across a laterally scaling number of cloud services. This empowers you to control Governance, Compliance and Access Management across Multi Cloud infrastructure, without losing control or increasing wastage.

Multi Cloud Collaboration Management.

G8CC provides a unified layer across Multi Cloud infrastructure. This empowers you to easily build Collaborative, Multi Cloud systems. This reduces management and costs within your Multi Cloud systems. That's because it allows you to build upon the value of Governed information, without replicating data or hindering its compliance. This enables you to serve information from cloud infrastructure that best suits your process, task and outcome needs. This enables you to integrate with your Cloud provides specific security, learning and visualisation capabilities. G8CC allows you to manage your own keys, allowing you to build trust and compliance across a collaborative Multi Cloud managed systems.

See how easy it is to implement your Multi Cloud strategy within a governed, structured solution by taking a simple tour of our solution here.