With our Enterprise Data Hub you can streamline data access and usage across silos to reduce complexity.

Silos in the Enterprise have created complexity. They've duplicated data across data stores with high cost integration. This doesn't secure the value of data or the Enterprise Data Hub.

Your enterprise may have tried different data hubs before you found our solution or you could be looking for a new solution to the problem of silos.

Our solution G8CC differs from other solutions. That's because other solutions rely on duplicating data to a new platform. This creates a lock-in that makes deployment of a data hub complex and increases data security and governance issues. That adds time to value, IT debt and increases the risk of errors and a data breach.

By using G8CC as an Enterprise Data Hub you secure fine-grained access to a single version of data. The single version of data is stored in its existing silo. Our hub can combine data from multiple silos at the point of request. To create a new shared object. The request for data can get logged to improve security and compliance. This enables greater control over data and reduces the complexity of duplicating data across silos. That allows your Enterprise to onboard data easier and faster at a lower cost. This creates ongoing agility.

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By reusing data from existing silos you reduce data latency and onboarding costs. That's because our solution allows you to create simple form based Apps that combine data across multiple silos. These Apps are created with a simple drag n' drop based form builder. Apps can get embedded within other Apps and shared across platforms. This removes the need for complex integration pipelines and low level tables that add time to value, errors and cost.

Our solution creates a modular Data Hub that's simple to extend. It builds on the flexibility of digital to secure data across data and enterprise silos. This creates a next generation solution for the data-driven enterprise.

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Why use our solution as an Enterprise Data Hub? Because you can:

Reduce delivery risk, time to value and cost.

Start small and easily scale the data sources consumed within your Data Hub.

Join/Connect-up and extend data value.

Create a single point of access to data.

Define fine-grained access control that builds compliant data usage.

Share trusted data across partners without a loss of control.

With G8CC you can leverage the flexibility of digital to reduce errors, wastage and cost. Contact us here today to start your journey to an innovative Data Hub solution.

Why do you need our Enterprise Data Hub?

Digital Transformation in Business and the Public Sector has led to silos. These silos have blocked access to data. That has created disjointed collaboration and increased risk.

The disjointed collaboration duplicates data across processes, leading to multiple versions of the truth. That blocks data value, impeding decisions and outcomes.

Business and Government looked for a solution to overcome this. But, their solutions have creates another silo. A much bigger silo called a Data Hub.

Previous generations of Enterprise Data Hubs have increased complexity and relied on data getting synced from a laterally scaling number of data sources. This data has to fit into rigid predefined structures. This increased the amount of data getting created, leading to compliance issues and high maintenance and ongoing development costs. That has blocked business change and agility.

The duplication of data and the rigid structure of the Enterprise Data Hub hasn't harnessed the value of digital. Its blocked partners from contributing data. That is because they lose physical and logical control of their data. This impedes the value that your Enterprise Data Hub creates.

Digital and its underlying connectivity unlocks an opportunity. This opportunity creates flexibility and resilience. It empowers businesses and Governments to secure access to trusted data. This allows them to reuse and extend data within an organisation and across partners. That supports faster time to value and better decisions, improving outcomes.

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  • Removing duplicated effort.
  • Faster time to value.
  • Lower ongoing costs.
  • Collaboration.
  • Higher quality information.

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Digital can secure a single version of data. This data gets shared with fine-grained data access controls. That enables cell-level security and allows a single data object to get shared among multiple collaborators. This creates a unified, reusable view of shared data. The data in the unified view gets combined, collaborated-on and connected/joined-up to add value. That unlocks agility.

You need our Enterprise Data Hub because it unlocks agility. It allows the data owner to keep physical and logical control of their data.

Our solution allows you to start small and easily scale. This improves time to value and simplifies on-boarding new data sources. Contact us here and set forth to an agile, scalable Enterprise Data Hub.

G8CC, an innovative, agile solution to build you future Data Hub with.

G8CC has a low learning curve, allowing you to do more for less.

G8CC has an innovative data-driven interface. This interface allows you to generate unique views. These views are displayed based on fine-grained access settings.

These views get extended and joined-up across G8CC platforms. That creates agility and resilience. This allows you to easily contribute and extend trusted data across departments and partners. That allows the data owner to keep physical and logical control of their data.

This removes the high risk, high cost integration that impedes delivery with other solutions.

Our innovative Enterprise Data Hub removes the replication of data. It creates secure data access and sharing layer. This layer connects to existing database silos. That allows you to easily on-board new data sources.

Get started with our Enterprise Data Hub by:

Our Enterprise Data Hub allows you to harness and secure access to trusted data. That empowers you to share, extend and build on trust. This improves decisions and outcomes, reducing ongoing wastage, risk and cost.

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale. This reduces delivery and ongoing risk and cost. That empowers you to generate value faster, with little wastage.

G8CC has built in connectors for many popular databases used in Business and the Public Sector. These databases include:

G8CC has a simple, intuitive framework. This includes a low code solution to harness and extend data value.

G8CC provides a feed to share and extend data. This removes the need to copy data into emails to collaborate across partners.

G8CC supports continuous database integration. This allows you to easily configure and extend data across database silos.

G8CC provides a simple, secure Enterprise Data Hub for:

GARNET8 Limited can support your journey to a secure, agile Enterprise Data Hub. We can help you to unlock the value of siloed data. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

Contact GARNET8 today and start your journey to a modern, agile, scaleable, secure Enterprise Data Hub that supports agility, reducing ongoing cost.

To get the greatest value from data you must be able to access information. A data hub empowers agility. This reduces costs and ongoing wastage.

Contact us here today to reduce costs with a data hub platform.

With G8CC you can:

Deploy anywhere.

Deploy our Application Platform on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, private cloud.

Access Management.

G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.

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