Secure Data Sharing and improve data integrity, quality and agility.

With G8CC's cell level security feature you only share the data needed with a known number of collaborators. This enables greater control over data and secures data sharing.

Firstly, what is G8CC and how does it Secure Data Sharing?

G8CC is a distributed data platform that allows you to share data without compromising its integrity.

With G8CC no data gets copied across accounts, database silos or to a new data hub/warehouse. This allows Businesses and Government Department to Secure Data Sharing without risking data security, integrity or compliance.

G8CC connects to and reuses data from existing database silos. This allows you to build on existing investments, without duplicating costs to a new silo. That reduces complexity and allows the data owner to keep physical and logical control of their information.

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G8CC's innovative cell level security system secures data access. This allows you to share data with a known number of collaborators in a flexible, efficient manner. That creates new opportunities.

Shared Data in G8CC can be combined, linked/connected-up, collaborated on and automated. This adds value to data and builds trust across partners and departments.

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale your data sharing. That reduces delivery risk and ongoing costs.

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Now you have an understanding of what G8CC, let's look at what blocks Secure Data Sharing in Business and Government Departments.

Poor access to data blocks your ability to Secure Data Sharing.

Traditional access management that allows groups of users to access database tables or spreadsheets aren't working. This access management drives data sharing into disjointed processes and new silos.

These disjointed processes copy data from an existing database or spreadsheet into a third party tool. These third party tools being Email, IM, or other forms of communication. This creates a copy of the data and shares it with one or more people. At this point the data owner has lost control of the data, increasing the risk of a data breach and impeding compliance policies.

The disjointed processes increase the amount of data to secure, errors, wastage and cost.

The silos in lines of business and across government departments have led to centralised systems. Such as Data Hubs and Data Warehouses. But, these create a new centralised silo. These centralised silos are reliant on complex, high cost integration. This integration blocks agility and the amount of data that gets contributed. That is because the data owner loses control of their information.

These data sharing solutions don't harness digital ability to Secure Data Sharing with Fine-Grained Access Control.

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How does digital enable an innovative way to Secure Data Sharing?

Digital allows access to a single data object, unlike paper system. Paper systems had a physical object that had to get copied to each party. Otherwise it wasn't shared. Digital systems have mirrored paper systems. But, this hasn't harnessed digital capabilities.

Digital allows you to secure data sharing in a simple unified interface. This data has fine-grained access control, enabling you to combine, collaborate on, connect up and automate data. That allow you to accelerates your digital transformation.

Businesses and Government Departments must harness the flexibility of digital and its underlying connectivity to Secure Data Sharing. This flexibility will allows them to share a single secure data object across lines of business, departments and partners.

Our simple, low risk solution G8CC provides a unique opportunity to harness digital and its underlying connectivity. G8CC creates a unified data layer and interface that ensures a known number of collaborators access trusted data. This creates agility and secures data sharing.

G8CC a simple, innovative solution to Secure Data Sharing.

G8CC's create a distributed data mesh. This is the glue that underpins secure data sharing.

G8CC creates agility and resilience. That is because you reuse, extend and share a unique trusted data object.

G8CC allows you to start small and easily scale your data sharing. This vastly lowers risk and cost.

G8CC built-in functionality that enables Secure Data Sharing.

Secure Data Sharing with fine-grained access management.

G8CC provides a simple, flexible way to share data with fine-grained access controls in a simple, scalable platform. This allows you to secure data sharing, unlocking data visibility. That increases the value of data and its integrity, allowing you to make more informed decisions, unlocking the near real-time value of data.

Fine-Grained Access Management in G8CC.
Understand how someone has interacted with Shared Data in G8CC

See who has interacted with shared data.

G8CC has a simple traffic light system to show who has accessed data.

  • Red means data hasn't been received.
  • Amber means data has been in their feed but not opened.
  • Green means the data has been viewed.

This enables you to improve ongoing engagement, building on shared data, allowing more informed decisions to get made.

Build engagement around secure data sharing.

G8CC builds on the known number of collaborators to automatically notify them that data has changed, with a simple engagement system. This enables them to detect changes and respond faster. That reduces errors, wastage, risk and cost.

G8CC built in push notification service.

G8CC unlocks value for:

G8CC provides connectors to integrate popular databases. This reduces time to value, empowering you to focus on your secure data sharing.

G8CC includes database connectors for:

How do you Secure Data Sharing with G8CC.

Firstly you need to understand what data you want to share. This data can get combined across one or more databases to add value.

To decide what data you want to share, we recommend a tree diagram. This allows you to define where the data is stored and how it gets combined to add value.

Nodes in the tree diagram can contain database sql, the titles for G8CC forms and how the data gets combined and linked/connected-up to add value.

We recommend layering your data in small concise data objects. These data objects get harnessed and combined across G8CC platforms seamlessly. The use of concise data objects makes it easier to share and combine to add value.

An example of this would be a health record. The first layer would be a physical address. This address can be shared across health, local government, policing etc. The next layer would embed and extend the address details with personal information. This would be their first, middle, last name, date of birth and sex. This information can also easily be shared across all the departments above.

Information such as doctor appointment, personal notes and perceptions would then get linked/connected to their personal data object. This creates a point of entry by their data through an address or name. The attached information can then get aggregated and filtered based on personalised or group based access controls.

You can see how a paper form used in the NHS can be transformed into a scalable digital system in our G8CC tour.

This structure can be applied to contacts, customers, shipping information and much more across Business and Government.

These structures can quickly and easily get integrated into a G8CC platform. This integration is done using SQL and G8CC's drag n' drop builder. That reduces time to value and ongoing costs.

G8CC users and/or bots can then access data easily.

GARNET8's experience allows us to support your journey. We can:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Integration with existing IT systems.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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With G8CC you can:

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Access Management.

G8CC's flexibility allows you to manage your data building trust. That empowers you to add value to your data across traditional borders.

Save Money.

Remove duplicated effort and wastage. Harness and build on the value of digital and data, reducing delivery and ongoing costs.

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